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1 year ago


Mr grammer was sitting down in his

room sobbing with tears.

His beloved mother just died the

previous day. He was lonely now.

Though he had a wife and a blessed

family of two kids(all male) his main

diamond(his mother)has died at last.

Mr grammer had spent a fortune in

making sure that his mother doesn’t


The sickness had cost him a lot and

he was determined to waist more as

far it will guarantee the survival of

his mother.

The fact that he had lost his sister

last year had not completely gotten

over him.

He always remembers the time that

he and his sister used to play when

they were small. Mr grammer always

hold himself from crying like a baby,

probably because his child were

seeing him.

The death of Mr grammer’s mum had

really hurt the people living in the

same community. She was a great

woman that was very hardworking.

Mr grammer’s wife had gone to stay

with his immediate brother. His wife

is pregnant,though its just 8month,

Mr grammer’s brother had suggested

that Mrs grammer should stay with

him and his family for the mean


Mr grammer was very grateful,the

know that he is in deep pain and he

wouldn’t be able to take proper care

of his wife.

His wife went with his second child

whose name is aliyu who was 4years.

Mr grammer was left with habib who

was just 8years.

Mr grammer was deeply thinking of

how his life will become with the

sudden death of his mother.

Though it was clear that Mr

grammer’s mum wont survive the

ailment for long time, Mr grammer

always believes that his mother will

not die.

Grief was an understatement to what

Mr grammer was feeling right now.



grammer thought within himself and

stood up from the midst of the

people who come to pay condolence

visit and sympathise with him for his

great loss.

Mr grammer headed to his room to

commit the suicide. He was about to

open his door when he started

hearing voices. The voices were

mixed with happiness and


This got Mr grammer baffled, who

could be celebrating when i had lost

my precious mother. Mr grammer

went out to look at what was

happening. Mr grammer welled up

with tears when he saw his wife.

Indeed his wife was standing with a

baby boy. His wife had delivered a

bouncing baby boy who looked very

handsome. Mr grammer was crying

tears of joy. The people that came to

sympathise with him started

congratulating him again. Mr

grammer was lost in happiness and

sorrow. The art students will refer to

this phenomenon as an oxymoron.

Mr grammer carried the baby boy

and looked closely at him. His mum

had died on Friday February7 1995

and this boy was born on Saturday

February8 1995.

A lady was hiding over a shadow

observing everything. This baby boy

will surely not thrive as far as i am

alive” the lady said and headed back

to were she came from.


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