Ownet's Adventures - S01 E26

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who is the person? The deceiver

and everies asked in unison.

The crier replied,’ she is the mother

confessor of bliss.

‘i knew it. That witch had something

behind her backs. Well i am not in

any way afraid since we still

outnumber them. Its just that we

will have a change in plans.’ everies

replied as she reduced her anger.

‘sinse why dont we just attack her

now before she regroup with the

ownets?’ the deceiver asked.

‘dont you hear me well i told you

earlier that i had my plans. Let them

regroup. We will always be more

than them. I want all of them to

come in full so that we can eliminate

them all. And i think i am tired of all

this question of yours. Nobody

questions me that way. All you need

to do is to always observe.’ everies

said as she signal the crier to leave

the room.

the deceiver cursed under her

breath in anger. She used to be

independent too not until she was

invited by everies and now she had

to work under her.

Everies commanded the deceiver to

bring the book of dethrone.

It was a book that shows the powers

of all the people on their planet

everies intends on knowing the

knowledge of his enemies so that

she can know how to defeat them.

To her the best plan to use in this

type of battle is ” know your enemy

well before engaging in battle with


She calls it “THE LAW OF THE



i tiptoed gently to pla’s room. He was

on the pathway leading directly to

the pla door when he came across

with the god of wisdom. It seemed

he was restless.

I didn’t want anybody to know of my

plans so i quickly brainstormed on

the best lie to put forward.

Luckily enough the god of wisdom

asked me, ‘Are you not feeling

sleepy too.

‘yea thats why i want to go outside i

love sightseeing especially on this

place. It gives me comfort’ i lied is

the god of wisdom came closer.

He suggested we talk outside so i

followed him. The place was dark but

some shiny rays were reflecting here

which gave us a perfect view on


though i couldn’t fathomed the time

but with the explanations that the

gatekeeper gave me. I calculated

that its already morning.

I cleared my throat as i asked him

some questions. ‘how did you

became a staff before you changed

back to your real image now?’ i

asked first.

‘well i think i can summarize it for

you now. As you know, i am the god

of wisdom. I was conductin a

research when i found that i could

invent water hibernation. I was

known for my cruelty in the land.

Now i connotes that too much of

wisdom is bad because it was as a

result of too much wisdom that i

commited many crimes. I always

believe i have the knowledge of

everything but it was too late before

i realised that wisdom and

knowledge are two different things.

I was once seen as the most evil god

but something happened. I met

ownet. I had been hearing a lot

about him and his powers. I decided

to prove to everybody that i was

more than him so i journeyed to his

town with the aim of going to battle.

Ownet was very brave. He evaded

the battle and made me see reasons

why we dont even need to fight. He

defeated me with his words and it

was then i got angry because he

seemed more wiser than me.

I became friends with him though

every body was baffled. The

gatekeeper himself had advised

ownet to be very conscious of me

but he always tells everybodY that i

am a changed man.

I told him about me research on

water hibernations. I convinced him

to try it first. I was supposed to do

somethings which i didn’t do and so

ownet was drawn in the river. He

was never seen again.

Everybody was angry with me and a

price tag was tailed on my head.

Nobody could withstand my powers

so the gatekeeper himself

intervened on the matter. He cursed

me into becoming a staff and he cast

the spell in a way that i will only be

able to good things and work with

good people. That was how

everything happened’ the god of

wisdom concluded.

‘i was bewildered when he finished.

I couldn’t believe what he had

narrated. I think i learnt some

lessons from his small narrations. I

wanted to keep asking him question

but i was cut off when i saw a

shadow. I quickly alerted the god of

wisdom but he couldn’t see it too.

Something struck me at my left arm

and all i remembers was that the

god of wisdom screamed with me

and we fell down though we were

still conscious but we could see

blood rushing out from our body.

Could it be both of us was choosen

for the blood transfusion?




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