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Truth be told, I really never thought my father would welcome my relationship with Yusuf. I never thought he would end the war between him and DAF Limited, but then he did. And all my forlornness went away, my pains vanished as well. I knew it was a miracle, thus I thanked Allah for the opportune help He rendered me.

Verily, no matter how hard a situation would turn out to be; the best thing to do is prayer. I had engaged into night prayers and had also fasted for days too, hence I became slim. You might possibly not even recognize me but it was worth it – since I had gotten the result I wanted. And today, Yusuf would be coming with his relatives by noon for introduction.

“You know you are not supposed to be here, right?” Nanny Luba uttered just as I walked into the kitchen, she was preparing lunch. I didn’t have anything doing so I opted to just render a helping hand to her. After all, this day was special. “Fatimah, please go back…”

“Keep quiet” I calmly said to the woman as I joined her. “We are doing this together, ok?”

“No, just go Fatimah!” She tried sending me away but I glared at her. “You are stubborn”

I am stubborn?

Awwn, thanks!

“Why is it that you don’t like me being here? Why?” I asked as I began slicing the onions.

“Nothing” She coldly said.

“Nothing? Just tell me kawai” I insisted.

“Hmm” She sighed adjusting her apron.

“Yes, I want to know” I said almost aloud.

“Okay, okay” She sighed again as she stopped what she was doing. “The truth is, Fatimah, I don’t used to feel comfortable with you here”

“But why?” I puzzled.

“Because I am paid to do the job alone” She said, and that made me to laugh out louder.

See this woman o!

“It doesn’t matter if I help you out, after all I want my cooking skills to improve” I smiled.

“But you are already a good cook!” She said and continued. “And by the way, after your wedding you will get a cook that will help…”

A whaaaaaat?

“Never!” I quickly snapped at her and that made her to burst into a scornful laughter.

“Why?” She managed to ask.

“Just!” I muttered, not willing to exceed my boundary. If only she knew how Yusuf was.

“Okay then” She sighed, thus we changed to another topic — about how I met my Yusuf.

Just as we were done cooking lunch, I went back to my room and took a warm shower before changing into a farasha abaya and using my veil to pack my hair in a ponytail. Actually, I wanted to look more beautiful on this day but I wasn’t used to applying much makeup on my face. Thus, all I had done was put on powder, lipstick and then kohl. That should atleast be sufficient, unless if I want Yusuf to go cray on me. Lol, don’t mind me!

Ma Shaa Allah, I beamed at my reflection in the mirror as satisfied as I was with my look. Hence I looked down to my chest, the things were still ample despite how slim I truly had become these days. Hmm… only Allah knows how mad Yusuf would be if their size reduce, he loved how big they are. And that made me to always wonder why men even like breasts, aren’t breasts meant for feeding babies only?

“Fatimah, they are here!” My mother said as she bounced into my room. “Put your hijab!”

“Okay, mum” I said as I quickly took my hijab from my bed and wore it. Hence, we headed downstairs together as trembling as I was. It was as if I was about to see Yusuf for the first time, I didn’t really know why I was anxious. And just as I saw Yusuf, I couldn’t help but to drop my jaw. He was in one of his best outfits.

Wayyo Allah na…

He was just too handsome!

“Compose yourself” My mother whispered.

Wait, was she studying me?

“Okay” I said in what seemed like a whisper.

Hence, we walked over to them in the dining area and Yusuf couldn’t just take his eyes off me even though I was wearing hijab. He had come with a man and a woman from among his relatives as his guardians, and also some gifts for me in two highly expensive boxes. I was amazed, I never expected such. After all, it was just an introduction not engagement.

After the greetings, we ate lunch together in the dining table. Yusuf couldn’t eat much, it was as if he wasn’t hungry. Our eyes kept on meeting each other’s from time to time, and whenever it happened Yusuf would smile at me and I would find myself smiling back at him as well. Love is indeed strong, it doesn’t matter who you are or who you are in love with. All that matters is what the heart feels.

“Actually, I am Asad…” Said the man Yusuf came with. “Yusuf’s paternal uncle, and I work with RainOil. This is my wife, Zaitun”

Zaitun? Nice name, I smiled.

“We are here on behalf of late Alhaji Dolari and his wife, late Hajiya Kankada which, of course, are Yusuf’s parents. May Allah have mercy on both their souls, Ameen!” He said.

“Ameen!” We chorused. Thus, he continued.

After the introduction, my father called my name thrice and then asked if I love Yusuf. Well, I only smiled and covered my face in bashfulness. He had to enquire again before he got the answer from me in form of a nod.

“Say it please lets hear” My mother chimed.

Oh mum, what on earth again?

I already nodded my head now!

“Do you love Yusuf Abba Dolari?” She asked.

“Ye…” I cleared my throat. “Yes, I… love him”

“Okay then, now you are talking!” She said.

Thus, Yusuf was asked by his uncle as well. And unlike me, Yusuf wasn’t really shy. He had even added with “…and I will love her until I am no longer in existence…” He was funny, he made everyone to lough out loud.

The introduction went well, and without wasting much time my parents suggested there shouldn’t be engagement. They said marriage preparation should really come next and Yusuf’s uncle agreed. Thus, they fixed a date for another meeting of which everything would be set. I was happy, and same also was Yusuf. Things are going the way we both wanted, yes… auspiciously.

And finally, I would soon be Yusuf’s!


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