Nameless - S01 E17

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Me:the information we have states that they will take the ibadan-ilesha-akure-owo-akokoedo-okena-locoja route but i have a feeling that they will not take that route

Faith:but they will still pass through locoja even if they take the other route

Me:yes,i know but we have to be careful so we wont miss them


I went inside my room and brought our my weapon bag,she picked an ak47,two beretta 96 and glock 17 series while i also picked two beretta 96,two INSAS and two CZ-75 and a pump action….

we were both dressed in black mission outfit

Me:They will enter abuja by 9pm,once you spot their car,attack them


Me:if you were not able to stop him,i will be waiting at garki since that where they are to do the delivery

Faith:ok,no problem and make sure you have your earpiece on

Me:ok,be safe

With that we left my room and both mounted on our power bikes and went our seperate ways…..

Within an hour,i got to garki along radio house road and i parked in front of an aboki suya-stand at the roadside,i bought

#500 suya and i sat beside the aboki as i consume my suya….

The information given to us states that they will pass through that road by 10pm,that why i bought suya so the aboki/suya man will not supect me…..


Faith pov

I got to the location around 8:30pm,i parked my bike in a dark place,brought out my gun and was waiting paitiently for my target….

They will be driving a red camry,so i was on the lookout for red cars…

Exactly 9pm,i saw two red camry driving at high speed,i was confused,i got on my bike and followed them,they entered abuja and i kept following them until both car part ways at a round-about,one took the route to radio house in garki while the other went towards international confrence centre in garki….

I spoke into the mouthpiece

Faith:where are you

John:am along radio house road

Faith:there are two red cars,am currently chasing one while the other is coming your way

John:ok he mounted on his bike*

I kept chasing the car,but they are driving at a very high speed,i brought out my gun and started raining bullet on the car,i shot the two tyres at the back and the car came to a halt,i got down from my bike,i moved towards the car with my guns,i opened the door and i saw a 70year old woman,i found out that she was the one driving the car from the start…..

I spoke into the mouthpiece

Faith:stonez,the car i chased after is a decoy


Faith:they are in the other car,keep chasing them and make sure that you get them….

i’ll join you soon,let me trace your location…..


John pov

I jumped on my bike and raced after them,i dashed after the car,i was about bringing out my gun when the roof of the car slide open and a masked lady brought out AK 47 and started raining bullets on me….

I lost control of my bike as two bullet pierce into my shoulder and i fell off the bike,i lay on the floor in pain my vision getting blur……

The car came to an halt and two figures step out of the car with their gun,they approached me and they stood in before me and the lady shot me three times in the chest……

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