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The Minister Office

The minister was seen sittinh in his office sipping his morning coffee when a lady and a guy entered his office,he stood up and shook hand with them before offering them a seat….

Minister:welcome my son,i was delighted when your father told me that are back from the states

James:yes,we just returned yesterday

Minister:i spoke at lenght with your father and he told me that you both want to stay and work here in Nigeria

Elizabeth:yes,after graduating FBI offered us employment but we decline because we want to return here and serve our fatherland

Minister:yes,i an proud of the both of you and i have decided to give you both an appiontment/job

James:thank you sir

Minister:you both came back at the right time because we have a very important case that i want both of you to handle

Elizabeth:ok sir

Minister:the case file will be handed to you on monday…i have a meeting in the next ten minutes,pls excuse me

“Thank you sir” they both said and they left his office


John pov

We were busy planning for our mission,it sounds easy but am very sure that it is not going to be easy….

I called omotola so we could plan ahead

Faith:so what plan do you have on your mind

Me:i have a feeling that all thd information that we have is not true

Faith:As in,i dont get

Me:i mean the route,the car they will use and the time is all wrong

Faith:hmmm,you mean there will be a decoy,so what do you want us to do

Me:the instruction given to us is that we should intercept before get to abuja


Me:you will be the one to attack before they get abuja

Faith:what about you

Me:i will attack at garki

Faith:why garki,did you want to get arrested

Me:just trust me dear

Faith:ok no problem

We discussed at lenght,i made sure we had a backup plan….


Omotola/Ariana pov

I was waiting for Arrow to pick me up at the airport,i planned to spend the weekend with john but could not because of the mission…

I took a flight from abuja to lagos to meet our clients,i called arrow the moment my flight landed but the fool is still not here…

I just don’t believe that i will have to work with Arrow,i hate him,we had been enemies right since the day we both joined the organisation.. .The thought of working with me made me sick…

A black KIA pulled over beside ne and Arrow came out of the car

(Arrow is a young guy in his late twenties)

Omotola:hey,i have been waiting for an hour

Arrow:am sorry,pls hop in

I got in and he ignited the

engine and drove away

Omotola:where is the package

Arrow:it is at the sea-port in badagery

Omotola:i wonder how you became a top agent

Arrow:lol,let go get the package first

After driving for an hour,the both got to the seaport

Arrow led the way until we got to one of the containers,he opened it and brought out two briefcases………

we returned to the car and drove to his safe house in lagos…


Very early the next morning,we were ready to leave lagos,he went to his underground garage and selected two red camry…

arrow:you will have to drive one of the cars


arrow:gosh,use your head,there is an laid ambush ahead…so we need to outsmart them

omotola:ok,no problem

I entered the car and i drove off in high speed and arrow followed suit……

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