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I trekked down to my lodge after she dropped me at the main gate,i met faith seated in my room

Me:i remembered that i locked my door before going out,how did you get in

Faith:is that question for me,you of all people should know that i dont need any key before i’ll open your door……where have you been

Me:i was with earth lord

Faith:*she frowned and raised her eyebrow* doing


Me:*i gave her the envelope*,there is a mission for us

Faith:what the mission all about

I briefed her about the misson

Faith:hmmmm,this mission sounds easy but it is hard,we need a solid plan

Me:i think so,but for now am hungry,did you cook

Faith:yeah,let me serve the food



Nameless Headquater

All Lords and Anchors of Nameless are in a meeting with their four unknown sponsors

Leader:i heard that we failed to secure the opium deal,is it true

1st anchor:yes,we failed,Alpha got the deal

Leader:furiouslywho negotiated with them

Earth Lord:i did sir,but i still have everything under control

1st man:cut the crap nicki,you of all people know how much we will gain from that deal

Earth Lord:my agents are working on it,i promise to get the whole package

Leader:you better do


Alpha Headquater

The president and other sponsors are in a meeting with all the five regional head of the organisation

President:congratulations,we secured a deal worth $10b,am very delighted

Vice president:yes,who is the agent in charge

Western head:sir,it is Arrow

Ex president:hmmm,that great

President:am sure Nameless are planning to intercept,so i want two agent in charge

Nothern head:in that case,i’ll recommend my best agent,Ariana

President:is she the girl we sent to russia for her training

Eastern head:yes

President:ok,i want a clean job,no mistakes pls….


Muritala Mohammed International Airport

I am Theo,i just arrived from USA in my private jet with Elizabeth,just like i expected my father’s driver is here to pick us,he opened the backseat door us and i sat down with Elizabeth……

It been 8years since we’ve both travelled to USA where we both studied criminology,FBI offered us employment but we declined annd we both decided to return to Nigeria,my father already got us an appointment with his connection as minister……

Our fathers are ministers,they had been friends long before they gave birth to us..

Ever since we were young,i fell for Elizabeth but i was too shy to ask her out,i hid my feeling away from her,but am planning to ask her out today at the welcome party our parents organized for us……

The driver hooted three times when he got to the front of a big black gate,the gate was opened and he drove in and parked,our parent were already waiting for us,we alighted and ran into our parent open arms……

later in the evening

Theo and Eiizabeth were discussing with their parent in their heavily furnished sitting room

Theo’s mom:am happy to see you guys,it been eight good years

Elizabeth:yeah and i missed everybody

Elizabeth mom:now that you guys are back,i think it time for the both of you to take over the company

james dad:yeah,i discussed with both of them but they declined

james:dad,try and understand

Elizabeth’s dad:i just dont see the reason why you both are bent on turning down our request

Elizabeth:we studied criminology because we want to fight against crime and make our country a safe place for it citizens…so pls grant our request

james:pls dad

james mom:ok

James dad:you know i’ll do anything to please you guys.. i already spoke with the minister of defence,he said the both of you should see him on monday..

Elizabeth:awwn,thanks dad

james mom:so what going on with both of you

elizabeth:nothing really mom

james:it will be a suprise mom

elizabeth dad:hmmm,i cant wait……

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