Nameless - S01 E14

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John POV

I was in my room,i did not attend lecture,am not feeling too well,humpty has gone home to see his father and learnt that sophiat is also out of town…..I laid on the couch,chatting with faith and also flirting with a girl i just the day before when i heard a knock on my door,i opened the door,i knew it was omotola,i opened the door and she entered,she picked up my phone from where i dropped it

Tola:what did you have at home,am hungry

Me:i have everything you want,

Tola:hmmm,ok let me get something to eat

Me:add my own,am also hungry

She stood up and went to the kitchen,i took my wallet and told her that i want to go and buy bottled water since i only have one inside my fridge…..I went to the shops near our hotsel but none of them have what am looking for,so i decided to go to the supermart outside the school gate,i made my way towards the school gate….

As was about entering,i saw diana entering her car,truly she was bueatiful it just that she is rude….I bought jusr a pack and i returned home,as i was about entering my room,a message popped up on my phone,i opened it,it was from an unknown number and it says “meet me at infinity by 10pm”…..

I knew the message is from earth lord…..i opened the door,omotola was already seated waiting for me

Tola:so na water you go buy since

Me:yeah,i had to go get it outside the school…

Tola:ok,let me go and bring the food

She said and stood up and returned with a plate of food with two spoon…as she bent to drop the food,i noticed she has a tatoo near her breast

Me:i never knew you have a tatoo on your body

Omotola:it just an ‘A’

Me:am sure the ‘A’ has a meaning

Omotola:yeah,it stand for ARIANA,my other name


Omotola:yeah,there is also another meaning to the tatoo

Me:what the other meaning

Omotola:i think it is not yet time to tell you the other meaning

Me:not yet time

Omotola:yes dear,i will tell you when the time comes

Me:fine,if you say so

She later left around 7am,i took my bath,i wote a fitted armani jean and a white sneakers,i tuck my gun behind me and i left my room,i trekked to the main gate before taking a cab to infinity……

I got there few minutes to 10,i entered and i saw her sitting at the edge of the bar,i sat opposite her

Me:earth lord

Earth Lord:u came just in time,i was about leaving,i have a mission for you…

(She gave me an envelope)

Me:what the content and the mission breifing

Earth lord:our organisation is not the only one in this business,we have a rival called ALPHA….

They are more connected and deadly than our organisation….

We are enemies and alway competing with each other….

In three days time an Alpha agent will be transporting raw opium from kaduna to lagos….the opium he will be transporting worth nothing less than $10billion,the contract was meant for us but they manage to seal the deal before us….

It a big deal,you will gain a lot from this mission

Me:so what my mission

Earth Lord:we want you to intercept the delivery and kill the agent transporting the opium

Me:is that all

Earth Lord:it is not an easy task,one of their best agent will be the one to transport the opium,i want a clean job

and you must not fail

Me:ok,i take my leave now

Earth lord:since you did not come

with a ride,let me drop you home

Me:that is not necessary

Earth Lord:i insist

she said and stood up,we both left the hotel and she dropped me at the school gate around 11pm…….

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