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A Month Later

Ever since I found out Farzana was my child, I had not been at rest. I was a very busy man but yet I chose to be creating time for her. It was apparent she lacked fatherly love even before she told me. She said all her daddies left her because she used to fall sick always!

I understood what she meant by the words “her daddies”, it means the men her mother probably dated after giving birth to her. One thing about her is she could speak fluently. I had wondered if really she was 4 years old.

Sometimes she would be gisting me stories about her friends in Jigawa, and one Sadiq that she loved. She said he broke her heart. Seriously, I was puzzled. How could such a small girl like her know about relationship and love? She said people disliked her just because she used to fall sick all the time. It broke my heart. If only our genotypes are written on our foreheads, then I probably wouldn’t have slept with Aminah knowing both of us are AS and could give birth to a sickler but nay, some of us don’t even care about knowing our genotypes. Have you checked yours? Do that, it is very essential.

The day I found out about Farzana, I was so pissed off realising Aminah had lied to me. I had thought she aborted the pregnancy but nay, she only lied to me. That day, I wanted teaching her a great lesson for all what she did but she had refused to come out of the room she ran into until after having made me promise her that I wouldn’t harm her if she comes out. It worked, and she came out crying. Thus, she explained everything to me. She said her relatives said it is a great sin to abort pregnancy, thus they forced her not to abort it. And the reason why she did not let me know about it is because I would come over to Jigawa and that might disclose my identity, sully my name and our company.

It made sense though!

That day, we had talked a lot. She asked for forgiveness and I told her she didn’t offend me, the person she offended was Farzanah, our daughter. If only I had knew about that girl earlier, maybe she wouldn’t have been weakened that much by her ailment (SCA).

But no problem…

Now that I already know about her, I would make sure she get the appropriate medical care, even if it meas flying her overseas for treatments. I just wanted her to be healthy, and also to live the kind of life she’d wanted.

Today, I was driving to Safiyah’s house from work when my phone began ringing. It was actually an unknown number, so I hesitated and wondered before finally picking the call.

“Salama Alaykum, is this Yusuf?” A strange voice came through the phone, it was a guy.

“Wa’alaykumus Salam, yes!” I responded.

“Okay, please come to Bulama Factory. The new one, Alhaji Aliyu Bulama awaits you!” The person said and quickly ended the call.


I heaved a sigh thinking what I would face. Honestly, since the day Professor Marwan paid him a visit we hadn’t heard anything from him. And Fatimah had been so weak, frequent night prayers made her to always sleep during the day. She said she wouldn’t stop praying until her father welcome our relationship… I just pray Allah has finally answered all her night prayers, Ameeeen!

I swung the car and headed straight to the factory, it was actually a big place and was adjacent their head office. The security in charge of the gate stopped and queried me. “Hello sir, how may I help you?” He asked.

“I am here to see Alhaji Bulama” I uttered.

“Do you have an appointment with him?”

“He summoned me… just recently” I said.

“Alright, can I know your name please?”

“Oh, well… I’m Yusuf Abba Dolari” I said.

Verily, I was puzzled he didn’t know me!

“Okay, wait a minute please” He said and unhesitatingly placed a call, and after the short duration call he let me drive inside.

As soon as I parked my car in the parking space, a guy in a black suit welcomed me. Hence, he ushered me into the building. I practically was so amazed, Alhaji Bulama really had tried with the interior and also everything. He must have spent billions…

“Sir, wait for me here” The suit guy said.

“Okay” I nodded and watched him as he headed into a room which had B/C CEO written boldly on its name-plate. Hence, without wasting much time he came out.

“You can go in, sir!” He said and then left. Thus, I huffed and supplicated inwardly before gently Salaaming into the office…

“Waalaykumu Salam” Alhaji Bulama said.

“Good afternoon sir” I greeted him.

“Afternoon, have a seat” He ordered.

“Thanks, sir!” I pulled a chair and sat in it.

Just then, he sighed and folded his arms across his chest staring at me same way Fatimah used to do when she is serious.

“Yusuf!” He yelled my name so loudly.

“Yes, sir” I responded, expecting the worst.

“I thought a lot about what that lecturer of yours said to me that day, I never knew his words would touch me but then I… kept on thinking about it. What you did to me was wrong but I would do the worst if I was in your shoe, trust me. You know I am a very hotblooded man, I once slapped someone straight to coma just because he called me Bura na, instead of Bulama…” He beamed.

“Hmm” I beamed as well, almost laughing.

It was a GREAT and funny insult, actually.

Bura means penis in Hausa.

The person called Alhaji Bulama; His penis.

“And do you know what, Yusuf?” He said.

“Sai ka fada, sir” I uttered, all ears.

“The person was my best friend, but I hate jokes. Such jokes are not funny” He uttered.

“Yes, it’s an insult” I said with a nod.

“Exactly!” He uttered and continued. “Some people just love looking for other’s trouble, and most of them cant stand a single punch”

Hmm, he was right.

“That’s true, sir” I said smiling at him.

“Yes!” He heaved a sigh and then continued. “Your father and I were friends until the day he began producing cement. First, he copied my styles and then went ahead and started waging war with me in the cement market”

“But competition is allowed, sir” I muttered.

“I know, but your father took it the other way. Even my burnt down factory, something tells me he has hands in it. But I forgive him in the name of our old friendship…” He gently said.

Indeed he was so right about everything. May Allah forgive my father and Jasraa… They had selfishly did a great number of evils together. “I will give you two billion as compensation” I said, hoping that he humbly accept the offer.

“Are you doing this because of Fatimah?”

“No, I am doing this because I want to end the war both my father and sister initiated” I said.

“Okay, that’s a nice gesture but I don’t need it”

“I will still send it, sir. And I will make sure all my board members sign the peace deal. There shouldn’t be any war between us again” I said.

“Okay, fine” He said adjusting his sitting. “But Yusuf, nothing can make up for all my losses. My company now relies on paints, real estate management, architectural plans, and so on”

“I am deeply sorry, but it shall all be well. If any time you need anything of my assistance just let me know sir. And once again, I am so sorry for everything…” I humbly apologized.

“It is okay, Yusuf” He said and then smiled.

And that was how our conversation ended. He told me I would hear from him sooner or later about Fatimah, and I thanked him well. Honestly, I never knew things would be this easy. Finally, Fatimah would be soooo mine!



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