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Today, just after lunch I decided to take a nap. It was a rainy day you know, and the weather was conducive for resting. Please don’t call me a lazy lady, I just had nothing to do. My father refused to offer me a job in his company, and my mother refused to let me search for a job outside.

Actually, they both had their selfish reasons and my father’s own was very funny. He said I should obtain Master’s Degree first.

Master’s Degree? Do I even need any kind of certificate before working in his company? I really did not think so because Yusuf started leading his father’s company since before he even obtained his own Bachelor’s Degree, for that reason I think my father didn’t just want me to work in his company. It is very obvious.

My mother, however, warned me not to look for job outside because that will hinder my father from ever considering me to work in his company. He might say I had gotten a job already. Well, I had no other choice but to adhere to her advice. Hence the joblessness.

By the way, why was I even worried? It was not as if they weren’t taking good care of me. In fact, I had 15million in my bank account. Whatever I asked for, they would give me. I could say I lacked nothing. Sometimes they would just credit my account for no reason, thus why should I worry about not getting a job? One day, I would get a job and I would cease being the lazy Bulama girl I was today.

After waking up from my nap, I found out it was some minutes after 4. Therefore, I went into the bathroom, performed ablution and thus walked out and prayed both Zhur and Asr. After all that, I changed into a kimono and headed downstairs. Just as I was gently stepping down, I began hearing a familiar voice. Wait a minute, who could that be? It seemed to be Professor Marwan! I thought while paying more attention to the voice…

Subhanallah, it’s his voice!

I walked down slowly and took a glimpse at the living room. Hence, my eyes proved my hunch right. It was truly Professor Marwan, and he was having a conversation with my parents. This was it, the day Yusuf had been waiting for. The day we would either be set apart or supported. Ya Allah, if Yusuf is the BEST for me, make him mine… I beg of you!

I returned back to my room slowly with my heart beating very fast while praying inside my mind. I really wanted to be with Yusuf, and that’s because I loved him so much. He was the kind of person I wanted to build a family with, the kind of person I wanted to share my life with, and If my parents didn’t allow me to marry him; I would be pained.

Make him mine, Ya Allah!

I shut the door behind me, as soon as I was finally in my room. My mouth was already becoming bitter, as if I had ate bitter leaf or something. You know that kind of feelings right? When you’re hoping for the best but expecting the worst! That was the feelings I was having. I couldn’t even stand properly, hence I gently sat down, leaned my back by the door and thence drew my knees to my pounding chest. All I could do was thinking.

I kept on thinking until my mother knocked my door and asked me to come out urgently. That moment, my heart increase its beats. I was already crying inside me, I knew there was nowhere my father would allow me to marry Yusuf, I knew everything had failed already because I could feel it. Unless if my mind was telling me the wrong information.

“Kuka kike yi?” My mother asked as soon as I opened the door for her. “Ashe kin san komai”

Eh na sani but crying? Was I really in tears? I didn’t even know my face was so drenched until I finally felt the tears on my face after having been apprised about it… Indeed love can make people go insane, so I had been in tears all this while without even knowing? I wondered, as I gently touched my wet face.

“You didn’t even know it?” My mother added. Just then, I busted into another spray of tears.

I could remember in the past, when I was in junior secondary school. People used to call me ‘Miss Stone Heart’ because I didn’t believe in love. In fact, I disliked almost all men due to my father’s indifference towards me. Many boys had tried getting my attention but to no avail. I believed all men are bad, I had never thought I would ever fall in love with a man, let alone cry over losing him but here I was!

My mother cuddled and helped me wiped off the tears on my delicate face before walking me downstairs. Actually, I was so puzzled to find out Professor Marwan was already gone. And the look in my father’s face ruptured my heart even more. Ya Rabbi (Dear Lord), I can not believe you’ve taken Yusuf away from me already. Truly, this is too much for me to bear.

“Alhaji, here she is” My mother said as she sat close to him in a couch. “She knows he came”

Yes, I knew Professor Marwan came!

“And why wouldn’t she?!” He said and asked me to keep standing. “What did your mother and I once told you about Dolari’s family?”

“They… they are our rivals” I stuttered.

“Then why are you trying to tangle yourself with them? Give me one single reason why!” He said with anger written allover his face.

“Because I… I love Yusuf” I stuttered.

“Just that? How can you love someone that doesn’t love your family?! Someone that got me into a police cell out of malice?” He said.

“He did what he had to do!” I uttered.

“Will you shut up, Fatimah!” My mother in anger chimed in. “You sound so different!”

“Different, mum?” I stared at her.

“Yes, or did Yusuf charmed you?” She said.

Just then I shook my head in disappointment.

“Why do you people hate Yusuf?” I queried.

“Because we are rivals” My father said.

“Dad,” I uttered and continued. “Remember the fact that you are a Muslim, and they are also Muslims. This bond alone is enough for us to be one, and to set our differences aside. And talking about rivalry, do you know that Android and Apple are rivals and had fought in the past? But here they are today, you can find lot of Google stuffs in Apple Store. And they are still rivals but share common bond. Being Dolari’s top enemy is the reason why the defunct Yargote used your company to cover all their tracks for a meantime after assassinating Yusuf’s parents. This was the same reason why Yusuf got you arrested. If you think what Yusuf did was wrong, then imagine yourself in his shoes please dad…”

“Go back to your room, please” He cut in.

“But dad…”

“I said go back to your room!” He yelled.

“Fine, dad!” I said and ran back upstairs.

Hence I cried until eventually, my phone began ringing. It was Yusuf, thus I sniffed, cleared my throat, and wiped off my tears before picking his call. “Salama Alaykum”

“Wa’alaykumus Salam, ya kike?” He said.

“I am alright, and… and you?” I muttered.

“Fine too. Professor Marwam phoned me just recently, he said he had tried all his best and that your parents needs some time to think…”

“Okay, naji” I said after he was done talking.


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