Palace Of Sin - S01 E08

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I cough when I felt choke with emotion.

Tony: drink papa (I drained the cup)

Me: thank you (my throat burning reduced)

Tony: I’ll come see you later.

He left afterwards, I carried my sick body to the room. Wondering when death will come and free me from this sickness, food was brought to me but couldn’t eat much. One of those days in April, Tony returned home with a girl.

Me: come in (I said weakly)

Tony: papa, meet my future wife Angelica.

Angelica: good afternoon, papa.

Me: thank you my daughter, Tony come let me bless you my son.

They both knelt while I pray for them.

Angelica: let me go see his mother (she exited the room)

Tony: papa, is that the end of the story?

Papa; no, my son.

The greatest battle man could face is a battle

against his own shadow, Buduka cry on the corpse

of Ore, King Odele wasn’t harmed by the gun.

he walk back to the hut to think when

the drizzling outside rain heavily with

thunderstorm, he buried her in the Palace

garden promising her to also take the life

of those who killed her.

Queen Yaga

and Odele weren’t expecting such move

from the gods, they needed to make their

son see reasons with them before it get

worse. They sent for a guard to bring the

prince for them but he returned with the

news that he has left for the evil forest.

The evil ones live long to change not to

continue with their evil ways, their death

is abominable. The worse has happen him

going to the evil forest seek for their weaknesses,

Queen Yaga and King Odele went to their

secret room to caste a spell on him but

the ritual task is a greater one.


bravest man is an angry man with a vengeful

spirit, Prince Buduka storm the forest under

the rain to seek for the downfall of his

parents. Every animal in the foret coward

at his sight and spirits avoided him, he

wander in the forest for days until he find

the oldest hut in the forest. There is no

life for one who seek his parents death,

Buduka the oldest creature in the evil

forest called out to him from the hut,

He went in to find a very old woman. Lara

The banished queen told Buduka her story

and advice him not to kill his parents

that the battle is for the gods. The moment

you kill your parents their blood will cry

out to the gods for vengeance and they shall

listen and come after you, protect those

they will want to use for sacrifice and

the gods will do their wish. Prince Buduka

returned home a disappointed man and

dream about his love Ore, he saw himself

seeing the figure of Ore and whenever

he get closer it become a tree. He is devastated

and cried out, my love Ore called out to

him. He hugged and pleaded that she shouldn’t

leave him, she promise not to if he will

do what she wants him to do, He vowed to. please

avenge me, she said to him.



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