Palace Of Sin - S01 E09

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shouldn’t be carried away by our imagination

sometimes it gear with our wrong thoughts.

Prince Buduka thought about the dream

for the whole night and decided the gods are

fating him to kill his parents which he

won’t do. There is fate, there is will also,

One is stronger while the other is weaker

but could be made stronger with discipline

and determination coupled with time.

The greatest confusion is facing two stiff

opposition that holds the same importance,

King Odele and Queen Yaga have tried

forcing many people to feast on their

faeces they refused even when their life

is on the line, heads rolled but couldn’t

succeed. They know the spell to caste on

the Prince is bond to fail, the time has

come for an infant of a chosen girl to

be used as sacrifice.


the daughter of Ije, a beautiful maiden

with wild laughter caught the Prince fancy.

The Prince always come to the stream

to hear her laugh, she looks just like Ore his

love. My Prince I can kill animals more

than you, she will say and laugh loudly

with her beautiful voice. She is a brave

maiden and she is the girl King Odele sent for.


Odele with just his inner royal apparel

walk around the room with confused mind,

it have been over an hour he sent the guard

to bring Orenma to his chambers. The guard

returned and broke a very sad news that

Prince Buduka has taken custody of the

girl, he knows the sacrifice won’t work

and has to plead Dapel to pick another

maiden. In three days one of you will

die! The blood sucker dwarf spirit said

and disappeared without listening to what

they have to say, he sent guards in two

days to bring the maiden but Prince Buduka

has left for the neighbouring village to

buttress the confusion. On the second

night to the day one of them will die, King

Odele invited Queen Yaga to his chambers

to make their last love making, Queen

Yaga lie on the bed spreading her legs.

King Odele stare hungrily at her naked

body, he t----t in brutally and grab her

neck pressing life out of her. His long

c--k reduced her resistance as she remain

stiff and a corpse, King Odele stood up

with his erect c--k. I King Odele the one

who called the gods for war and they

tremble at my name, the slayer of spirits

and demi gods. He didn’t complete his

statement when thunder rumbling began,

and thunder landed on the hut roof and

the hut shook.


burial Yaga was done and King Odele couldn’t

wait to marry another wife, his intension

is to marry Orenma and killing his wife

gave him more time. He forced Orenma’s

parents to accept the bride price on hearing

this Prince Buduka returned with Orenma

to challenge his father, guards kill that

boy, none of the guards could withstand

the war lord. He slay like a lion, King Odele

stood on his throne and pierced an arrow

on his right hand, he walk down to where

he knelt in pains and tried to strike his

son when the gods intervene by striking

him with thunder, Dapel has left him to

the mercy of the gods. He died instant

and his body was missing…

I coughed out blood.

Tony: Papa, are you okay?

“Are you okay, Papa?”

“Are you okay . .”

“Are yo..”

His faint voice fade away as every other thing.




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