Palace Of Sin - S01 E07

1 month ago

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There are certain mistakes that brings

another mistake done by you or another

that will affect the maker, King Odele

believe everything is under his control

and challenge the gods.



isn’t a weakness or spell but when fate

brings love it has a reason that will change

the world we live in. Ore wasn’t allowed

to see the Prince anymore or get close

to him, she keep on trying ’cause she find herself

missing him everyday and loving him.

Feeling dejected got her badly sick that

the rumour of death may come her way

circulate in the Palace, no matter how

brave a man is his heart reasons with


head when he is in love. Prince Buduka

visited her and Ore recovered with immediate

effect, my love I won’t endanger my life

anymore, I’ll live for you. She promised

smiling weakly, the promise of a happy

human holds no water.


laughter of Ore return to the Palace with

her melodious voice, she pray to the gods to

help her change the Prince for the better.

Prince Buduka is in love with Ore and he

decided to wait for the right time to tell

his father about his feelings for Ore and

his future plan to marry her. Time doesn’t

wait for anyone and he who thinks time

wait for him doesn’t know the essence of

time and he/she is a butterfly who thinks

himself a bird (Ola Rotimi).


time has come for the sin that brings punishment

to all other sins commited in the Palace,

King Odele sent for Ore to his chambers.

She was scared that the love she shared

with the Prince has gotten to the King’s

ears not knowing what awaits her.



Odele odered her to unclad herself before him

but Ore refused she didn’t bulge, or break

nor bend for him. What will be her fate

if she sleep with the father of the man she loves,

the angry King Odele became furious and

grabbed her by the throat forcing life out of her.

Ore died in his bare hands, he ripped her

wrappers from her and had his way s-----g

and fondling with her breasts. The body

of Ore was carried out of his chambers

without cover to send warning to anyone

who try to resist the King’s move.


matter where ever we are, we remain connected

With those we love and loves us, Prince

Buduka couldn’t continue the hunting

expediture, he feel uncomfortable after

killing the first antelope. He hurried home

with weary look and happiness to meet

the maiden who won his heart, his gun

dropped from his hand and the matchet.

he struggled to breath and tears roll down

his cheeks, Ooooreeee! He screamed on

sighting his father he shot him with his gun.


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