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‘ Wow wow wow! So this is it? Right? ‘

‘ This is what Kim? ‘

‘ Spare me the attitude Anthony. First of all, you demoted me and gave my job to her and as if that wasn’t enough, you buy her lunch? ‘

Anthony laughed.

‘ Demoted? We both know you deserved it. ‘

‘ Fine, I do deserve it and you deserve exactly what you just got from April. ‘

Anthony chuckled.

‘ It baffles me how foolish you become by the day Kim. What? You have nothing to say; please get out. ‘

‘ I have nothing to say? I am your girlfriend for Christ sakes. When have you ever given me attention or order lunch for me? Just s_x and that’s it? ‘

Anthony laughed uncontrollably.

‘ It’s funny right? You don’t even feel remorse? ‘

‘ Girlfriend? You’re indeed an idiot of no comparison. Point of correction miss, you are not my type of woman and in case you’ve forgotten, whatever happened between us; you initiated it. I only had pity on your sx starved soul. Every single time it happened between us, it was just sx Kim. I can’t believe you’re this dumb. ‘

Every single word pierced through Kim’s heart like a knife. She thought she already had him where she wanted. Kim came from a very poor background but swore never to end up like that. She has done everything possible to get to where she was, no matter what it cost her. When she first saw Anthony, it was like a dream come through for her and she did everything possible to get into his bed.

Kim stood still, trying to digest what she just heard from Anthony .

‘ The next time you barge into my office without a knock, I will see to it that your appointment here will be terminated. ‘

‘ Anthony.. ‘

‘ Hush it, it’s Mr Davis. Leave! ‘ Anthony ordered.

Kim walked out of his office in tears and so much hatred burning in her.



I was seated in class when I noticed a boy was staring at me. I tried ignoring him but he didn’t stop, it seemed he wanted my attention. Whenever he caught my eyes, he smiled at me. His dimples were so beautiful, he was like the dazzling beauty of the sun. I couldn’t help but take a bolder look at the stranger and wonder if he had been in this department and I never noticed him.

I must admit that he looked easy in the eyes and he had baby-like features. His afro was black and his shirt, chinos pants and loafers looked smooth. Suddenly students started moving to their seats, signaling the arrival of a lecturer.

I swear I heard nothing the lecturer said all through the class cause I couldn’t get the thoughts of the smiling handsome stranger off my mind. Generally, nothing about guys interests me at all. I was tagged the hard to get type in my department and I was proud of it even though I didn’t consider it a big deal but this time I guess I was on the hook. What’s so special about him.

When the class was over, I packed my books and left the hall but the smiling stranger was right at the door.

‘ Hello Rose. ‘ He said to me.

It was against my policy but I smiled, I couldn’t help it.

‘ That’s your name right? I knew it ‘

‘ No it’s not ‘

‘ It’s not? But I still think you’re pretty. I’m Anthony and you are? ‘

‘ April, i’m April. ‘

‘ Do you know I was born in the month of April? ‘

We got talking and I found him quite fascinating, unlike other guys, he talked mostly about life , experiences, goals and aspirations too. I swear one could never be bored with him around, he made me laugh so much and I felt attached to him. We exchanged contacts before I left for home.

He didn’t ask me out, I guess we started dating from that day. Funny right? What do you expect from a loner who has never experienced life outside the four walls of her father’s house and comes right back after school. No associations what so ever, reading my ass out to remain a distinction student.

It was a boring life but Anthony made it all shiny. He drew my timetable when he knew I was too occupied with books, my life became fun. He held my hand anywhere, we went around campus together. He showed me a new world within a couple of days.

I felt comfortable and secure around, I felt I could trust him and hell yes, I did. Anthony invited me for a night party at his house, he said his parents travelled. I couldn’t refuse him and so I snuck out of the house at night. He picked me up and drove to his house.

I was expecting music, people but we were the only ones. He said it was our party and yea, I felt really special. We danced, we drank and after a while, one thing led to the other and we ended up in his bed. It was a first time for me but he was gentle. I swore my feelings for him grew .

He served me breakfast on bed, I felt really special. Though I slept out and I knew I was in lots of trouble with my parents, I didn’t mind cause being with Anthony was all that mattered to me, that was the very first time I felt alive, I felt I was in control of my life.

Later on, he dropped me off and went to school and I went to face the war i’ve created at home. Indeed it was a war when my Dad got back. I was severely punished mainly because I never disclosed where I went to. I was grounded for a whole week and not once did Anthony call me. I sent so many messages but he never replied.

I became worried, I thought something had happened to him. When I got to school the next week, I couldn’t wait to see him but one thing was obvious, all eyes were on me. Most laughed at me, many made nasty comments, I wondered why but I couldn’t care less.

‘ Hey! Holy of holies ‘

Tracy and her friends. Four amongst many girls that despised me so much cause they saw me as a competition both in beauty and academically . I remained silent , I wasn’t really in the mood.

‘ You don’t wanna talk? How about you see this!’

She brought her phone to my face and they all laughed.

My jaw dropped when I saw the content of the video. It was a video of Anthony and I having sex. No wonder everyone was looking at me. I felt sick immediately, my heart torn in pieces, I wished the earth would open at that moment but it never did. I wanted to leave but I summoned courage to wait for Anthony to get to school first. I knew there was a misunderstanding here. Anthony would never do this to me.

Anthony didn’t show up at school until later when class was about to start. After the class, I ran up to him. He was with his friends and I asked to see him privately but he refused.

‘ April, if you have anything to say then say it here. I’ve got nothing to hide from my friends. ‘

I felt the tears swell in my eyes but I decided to ignore it.

‘ I called and dropped messages but you didn’t reply. ‘ I managed to say.

‘ Say what? ‘ he held his ears mockingly like he didn’t hear me and his friends laughed.

‘ I saw a video on Tracy’s phone. ‘ I was struggling with my feelings. I wished he would say he knew nothing about it. I wished it was all a dream but it wasn’t.

‘ Oh! The one you were screaming like a sheep in labor? ‘

They all laughed so loud.

‘ Don’t worry baby, it was uploaded on the department group chat.’

I couldn’t believe my ears.

‘ Anthony, I thought we had something? I thought… ‘

I let the tears drop.

‘ Awnn … The hard to get mama is now a cry baby. ‘

One of his friend said.

‘ That’s a misunderstanding April, we had absolutely nothing going. You were just so cheap and you found yourself in my bed. You won’t deny I made you moan so loud and begging for more. You were not as tough as they said you would be. I just won a bet but guess what, I won’t be taking the money cause you’re not worth it. ‘

His friends cheered him as they walked out on me leaving a scar on my soul. For so many weeks I couldn’t go to school. I managed to study at home and only went back to school during exam. He never talked to me and I tried so much not to care even when people laughed at me, I tried not to see him laugh at me.

After then, I transferred to another College where I met my best friend Nancy.



Old memories flooded April’s mind as she walked down to her office.

‘ Anthony is not worth my sad face.’

She mumbled as a smile built up on her face.

‘ Julia, you can keep your job. ‘

She said to her secretary and went into her office.



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