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The week was quite a stretch for April as it ran faster than expected . Working has always been fun for her and even though she had to work somewhere else, she made it a point to make out the best of it. It was all good and smooth except for the part where she tried her best to avoid her boss.

They’ve not had a decent talk over the years and she wasn’t ever going to give room for that. The least she could do was to avoid him for the sake of the both of them. There was no use revisiting the past, the past should be left in the past and as long as she’s concerned, Anthony Alfred is in her past.

Nancy had called her earlier to know if April will be attending her kid sister’s engagement dinner but she bluntly turned her down. She brought work back home for the weekend cause she was never the type who could handle boredom and she wasn’t the outing type either.

‘My husband is not around, he traveled and you know, my baby bump; I can’t drive please help me out April. ‘

She had pleaded.

April had no other choice but to agree. Later in the evening, Nancy dropped by to pick her up. She spotted Nancy’s car from her window upstairs and went downstairs to meet her but unfortunately for her, her parents were in the siting room already having a chat with Nancy who was smiling shyly at whatever Cecilia was saying to her.

She was all dressed up, hence getting the attention of her father.

‘ And where are you going all dressed up by this time? ‘

‘ It’s just 6pm Sir. ‘

‘ 6pm? Where will a reasonable, single, soon to be 34years old be going by now all dressed up? ‘

Nancy sensed it wasn’t going well and might end up a big crash so she interfered immediately before April could reply.

‘ Sir, it’s my sister’s engagement dinner and I was wondering if April could join us. With your permission of course. ‘

Cedric and April exchanged glances for a while before he responded.

‘ Good enough, perhaps you could get her hooked up with a single man. ‘

‘ Thank you very much Sir.’ Nancy turned to April.

‘ Let’s go. ‘ And she drew her along.

Cecilia who has been quiet all the while finally spoke up

‘ Cedric ‘

‘ Spare me the lecture Cecilia. ‘

‘ Embarrassing her that way? It wasn’t worth it at all. ‘

‘ Sit and expect me to carry out your duty as a woman okay? That’s why she ended up that way. ‘

Cedric stood up angrily and went upstairs.



‘ I know you wanted to drag me out of the house and not because you needed someone to drive you. ‘ April broke the lingering silence.

‘How do you manage? How do you do it? ‘ Nancy asked.

‘ What do you mean exactly? ‘

‘ My parents, my home, that’s where I run to when I feel my lowest. When I can’t find my way, talking to my dad does the trick for me. I could never imagine myself in such a home. How? ‘

‘ Oh! ‘

April sighed

‘ Most of us are lucky while some are not. We’re not given the opportunity to choose those we call family, Our parents, else, I’d chose differently but it’s believed that God doesn’t make mistakes and so, I make out the best from whereve I find myself or whatever situation. That’s how I do it. ‘

‘ I will kill myself. I swear. ‘

‘ But I can’t because nobody can decide if I live or die, it’s my decision. ‘

‘ you’re brave, wish I could be half the woman you are. I envy you. ‘

‘ You don’t have to, don’t forget, you have a husband and I don’t have a boyfriend yet. ‘

April laughed

‘ Hit the music already. ‘

They both laughed.



Stepping out of his car, Anthony noticed his door was slightly open and the lights were on. He wasn’t expecting anyone and neither was anyone having a spare key to his house.

‘ Could it be that someone might have broken into his house? ‘ He kept wondering.

Finally, he decided to take a look first before alerting the police. He tip toed into his sitting room, only to see Nina

‘ F-----g Christ! ‘ He exclaimed

‘ Baby… ‘ She turned smiling

‘ What the f--k are you doing here and how did you get in?’

‘ I stole your spare key last time.

She laughed raising up her bottle of champagne.

‘ Why don’t you go in, change up and come join me. ‘

‘ What are you doing here? ‘

Anthony asked.

‘ Huh? What is that suppose to mean? ‘

‘ If I can recall correctly, this is my house. ‘

‘ And my boyfriend’s house as well. ‘

Anthony laughed hysterically

‘ I don’t mean to be rude but you’re just a beauty with an empty skull. That’s something I could never deal with. ‘

‘ Was that an insult? ‘

‘ You’ve not outgrown the age of being insulted, have you? ‘

Shocked at Anthony’s words, she asked

‘ Are you really referring to me or this is some kind of a drama? ‘

‘ Is there someone else here? Of course am referring to you. I mean, Why can’t I? ‘

Nina couldn’t believe the same man that was pounding away on her the previous night was saying those shits to her.

‘ Okay, you also want to say you’re my girlfriend too? Point of correction, you’re not. ‘

‘ What! ‘ Nina exclaimed.

‘ Come on Nina, you asked me out and if you can recall, I never said I love you neither did I say yes to your proposal. You know what? Make this the very last time you come to my house. D--n! You’re so cheap, I’d never have a girlfriend as cheap as you. Get out! ‘

Nina silently picked her bag and headed for the door .

‘ Wait! ‘ Anthony called.

Nina stopped and turned immediately expecting Anthony to laugh and say it was all a joke but it was the later

‘ My key please. ‘

‘ Bastard!! ‘ she spat.

She threw it on the floor and stormed out as Anthony let out a loud laughter, collapsing on his couch.



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