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Circumstance have it’s ways of pushing us around but it’s in our own best interest to make the best out of where ever we find ourselves.

‘ Good morning Mr Davis. ‘ April greeted with all the respect I could muster.

‘ Wow! Seriously. ‘

He laughed. He didn’t expect such a response from her.

‘ Is this the April that I know or someone else? Please sit. ‘

April maintained a straight face. She was not in the mood for any pleasantries and worse of all, not with Anthony.

‘ Life can really be full of surprises, you know? ‘

‘ I won’t disagree, considering how easy it was for you to dish out an appointment letter for me. Indeed, life is full of surprises. ‘ she said sarcastically.

‘ Come on, you know you’re qualified for the job and I won’t risk not having a brain like you at my company. ‘

‘ Right by your side? Humour me. This is just the old you, nothing different. ‘

‘ Not really. Actually, your father requested I give you that position but personally, I think you’re better than that. ‘

‘ Seriously? My Father? How interesting. So since when did you guys become partners in planing my life? ‘

‘ Seriously April? You’ve become way worse than I heard and thought you’d be. You know the old man is like a father to me too. ‘

‘ lets get to work already, that’s why I’m here in the first place. Try spare me all the pleasantries “sir” ‘ she emphasize.

‘ Yes I will. Like its stated in your appointment letter, you’ll be heading the marketing department but you will report directly to me. Whatever questions you have or anything you need, you will come to me. Are we clear on that? ‘

‘ Always taking advantage of anyone and anything. ‘ she murmured ‘ Yes boss. ‘

Anthony knew they will go on and on arguing if he replied her. He has always known her to be the type who never backs down but not like this. He has hurt her deeply in the past but never imagined it will linger this long.

When April’s father approached him about the job, he was excited cause he saw it as an opportunity to apologize and make amends for the past but looking at the April right in front of him, he could spell impossible.

He called his secretary and requested someone be sent in. A soft knock was heard on the door almost immediately and it opened. A young lady probably in her mid twenties, smartly dressed walked in.

‘ Good morning. ‘ She greeted.

‘ April, this is Julia your secretary. She will show you to your office. Your job description has been mailed to you though I doubt you’d be needing it. ‘

‘ Okay. ‘

April followed behind as Julia led the way.

‘ April. ‘

Anthony called.

‘ I really want you to be comfortable here. ‘

April walked out and shot the door behind her without saying a word to Anthony.

Julia led her to her office which was not far from Anthony’s. She loved the way the office was decorated , the colors suited her taste.

‘ I’ve arranged everything you’d need, it’s right on your desk ma’am. ‘

Julia said.

‘ Alright. Can you get me coffee? ‘

‘ Right away ma’am. ‘

Julia excused herself. April sat down as she admired the office. It was bigger than her formal office and the decorations were better.

‘ just maybe I might like it here. ‘ she smiled and started going through her desktop computer.



April didn’t have much to do at the office since it was her first day. There wasn’t much to know cause everything seemed same to her. Sooner than expected, it was lunch time. Since she had nothing to eat in the morning, she decided to go to the office cafeteria to grab food.

Going around wasn’t really her style but it was a perfect opportunity for her to go round, get to see the different corners of the company. She strolled out of her office.

‘ Where’s the way to the lunchroom? ‘ She asked Julia.

‘ But ma’am I can order food from the cafeteria for you. ‘

‘ Doesn’t sound like a reply to my question at all. ‘

‘ Sorry ma’am. It’s downstairs, the next turn by your right. ‘

‘ Okay. ‘

April went down as she was directed. She got to the cafeteria and got only beverage. She didn’t feel like eating anything else perhaps because she had to pick out of the many choices.

‘ You’re not getting anything? ‘

April turned to see a fair lady right behind her.

‘ No, not really. ‘

‘ I guess you’re new. I’m Kim .’

She stretched out her hand for a handshake.

‘ I’m April and yes am new here. ‘

‘ You’re April. ‘

‘ Yes I am. Anything wrong? ‘

‘ No, nothing. It’s just the first time hearing someone bear the name. Anyways, it was nice meeting you . ‘

‘ See you around. ‘

April smiled and went back to her office.

‘ Wow! She’s April, the long awaited. How the world works.’

Kim mumbled as April walked away.

When April got back to her office, she saw a wrap on her table. When she checked, it was food. She was surprised because she didn’t make any order for it and so she called Julia.

‘ You ordered food for me? ‘

‘ I thought you did ma’am. You didn’t? ‘

‘ Seriously? You’re asking me? I can’t believe this. How careless of you. I’ll see to it that you’re fired. ‘

‘ I received without asking since you went to the cafeteria. I’m really sorry ma’am. ‘

Just then a text entered her phone from Anthony

” Hope you enjoyed your meal. ”

‘ Get out and don’t report for work tomorrow. ‘

Julia walked out and April carried the food on her table and went to Anthony’s office. She barged in without knocking.

‘ I don’t need such favours from you Anthony. Save your charity for someone else who needs it. At least you’ve done enough okay? ‘

‘ As much as I’m trying to be nice, you don’t have the right to talk to me that way. I’m your boss and you mustn’t forget that. ‘

‘ Then act like one Mr Davis and treat me like the employee that I am. I mean, you don’t go around ordering food for your secretary, do you? No need for all this, it will never change how I feel about you neither will I see you any different. Let it all be based on work. ‘

‘ April… ‘ Anthony called as the made to leave.

‘ No Mr Davis it’s Ms Jayden. ‘

‘ Alright, point noted. You can leave. ‘

‘ Very well Sir. ‘

April stormed out of his office. Just at the door, she met Kim. She walked pass without a word.



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