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Arome waited for about 35 minutes at the airport for Zion’s arrival. He got out of his car when a plane landed and was walking towards the direction of the landed plane when his phone rang. He smiled on seeing the caller before pressing on the receive button. It was Zion,and she informed him that she just arrived the airport.

“I can see you woman of God” Arome said laughing and waving at her as he walked up to her. They both felt like hugging each other passionately but for security purposes, they just exchanged a brief hug and in a twinkle of an eye, Pressmen clustered around Zion and Arome, placing their recorders and phone close to Zion’s mouth to record her voice as they threw questions at her regarding the recent news about her father.

“Ma’am, is it true you met your biological father for the first time during a miracle crusade in Enugu yesterday?” A pressman asked, bringing his recording aid closer as Zion tried answering them.

“Yeah” she replied nodding her head.

“How have you been coping all these years without a father figure?” A presslady asked blinking her eyes like a demon possessed person and Zion stole a look at her before attempting to answer her.

“I’ve never lacked a father figure. Baba Andrew Peter have been a great father to me” she said with a tincture of seriousness on her face.

“You always make reference to this Baba Andrew Peter” a young man asked, then continued,

“Is he the same South African based fiery Nigerian preacher popularly known as ‘Baba fire?” He queried looking intently into Zion’s eyes.

“Yeah” Zion replied, then continued.

“I grew up under his watch in my village, but when his mission in my life and village was accomplished, the Lord took him over to South Africa for another mission.” She explained and the man threw in another question immediately.

“Does this name ‘baba fire’ have any link with your name, ‘Daughter of fire?” He asked inquisitively and Zion smiled.

“Baba fire is not his name, neither is ‘Daughter of fire’ my name. It was his followers that started calling him that name because of his spiritual exploits. And for me, I have no idea how the name ‘Daughter of fire’ came into existence. I only started seeing it attached to my name in the banners and handbills of my host churches.” She explained laughing, then continued.

“Maybe, it’s because am Baba fire’s product” she said laughing and held Arome’s hand for them to leave.

“You seem to have a close attachment to this handsome man here. What do you have to say about him? ” Another press lady with a heavy makeup and long eyelashes asked smiling at Arome who acted as though he didn’t hear anything.

” Yeah, Arome here is my friend from secondary school days. And he has contributed so much in prayers to bring me to where I am today. So, he is my brother and friend. ” she replied in brief without looking at Arome.

“Do you see this friendship moving to the next level?” The first press lady asked laughing in a naughty way as she eyed Arome but Zion ignored the question and began to make her way out hastily as Arome led her to where he packed his car.

On entering the front car,she breathed down heavily raising her hands in the air,she ask.

“So, who told these press guys I will be here in the airport” she asked Arome who was driving and smiling. She turned to look at him when she didn’t get a response but forgot what she wanted to say, as she looked at him helplessly.

“Arome is so handsome” she thought within her,

” If what I saw is of God then i… ” she was saying in her mind before he interrupted her thoughts.

“You think the press need special announcement to know the whereabouts of celebrities?” Arome asked, turned to face her and caught her staring fancily at him.

“Huh! Why are you looking at me that way?” He asked almost immediately and Zion gave him a mild pinch on the shoulder,

“What do you mean?” She asked rhetorically in order to cover up and they both began to laugh.

“Don’t look at me that way again please, I don’t want to lose control and have accident o” he said teasingly, looking straight ahead and she gave him a funny look.

Arome drove down to Zion’s luxurious flat where he had made arrangements with her personal assistant and house staffs for a surprise birthday indoor party. The gateman opened the small gate on hearing the car horn, peeped through and saw them, then rushed back to open the large gate. He drove in and rushed out to open the car door for Zion but she didn’t allow it as she quickly opened the door herself and climbed down the car.

” But I told you am the driver today, allow me to do my job ma” Arome said jokingly ,lowering his voice so that the gate man who was coming closer would not hear him and Zion began to laugh again.

“Stop making me to laugh like a mad fellow” she said and saw the gate man opening his brown set of teeth in a smile, bent his head with his palm on his chest and said,

“Welcome Madame” he greeted with an Hausa intonation.

“Thank you Haruna” she replied still laughing, “Hope you dey fine?” She asked and Haruna nodded with his teeth still opened.

Arome pressed his car key button and the booth opened, so Haruna rushed over and collected the bags.

As they walked down to enter the house, Zion wondered why everywhere was quiet and no one had come out to welcome her after four days out of home. Haruna himself lingered behind,grinning from ear to ear as he followed them from a distance.

Reaching the door, Zion held the door handle and made to open it but something gummed her fingers to the door handle, she struggled to remove her hand and the door opened on it’s own to reveal a house full of people, ranging from her ministry partners, spiritual sons and daughters to faces she had not met before as they all stood with excitement on their faces shouting and singing a birthday song for her.

She stood at a spot flabbergasted, turned and gave her PA a questioning look. With a smile the PA turned and looked at Arome who himself was smiling and Zion got the message.

“I got you! You’re behind this” she formed a fist and gave him a blow.

“You should have told me” she said almost crying and he held her hands and said,

“Happy birthday Zee” he said looking into her eyes and she blinked her eyes and whispered something to him then he let go of her hands.

“Thank you everyone for celebrating my 25th birthday, though the actual date is not today. But am really short of words right here. Thank you all” she said and dragged Arome aside to corner and began to express her displeasure.

“Sweetheart, I appreciate you celebrating my birthday but not openly with everybody around. I don’t want my name to go viral on the internet on relationship scandal, please i don’t want anything that will affect my ministry negatively. God have been merci…” She out bursted but Arome didn’t allow her to complete her statement as he interrupted her, and placed a finger on her pink lips.

“We can’t continue doing this hide and seek relationship. We aren’t children anymore” he spoke up looking into her eyes passionately and she became calm.

“Let’s do this Zee, please let’s get married. Marry me please” he said going down on his knees as he brought out a beautiful engagement ring pack and opened it before the shocked Zion.

Silence followed as she looked from the ring to Arome repeatedly .She finally rested her eyes on Arome and for the first time, she noticed that he has a pink lips. He looked smashingly handsome, she leaked her lips and looked away before speaking up.

“What if I say ‘No?” She said looking mean at him and he shook his head vigorously,

“Zee, you know you can’t say no to me cuz I won’t survive it. Please don’t say no to me…”

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