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Zion flied the first flight from Enugu back to Abuja where she own a house gifted to her by a wealthy businessman whose daughter was healed of Sickle cell anaemia during one of her monthly outdoor miracle programs in Lokoja.

The man gifted her a new beautiful house in Maitama to appreciate her for accepting God’s call. So, she relocated from Lokoja and began to live in Abuja but still continued her monthly programs both in Lokoja and Abuja respectively.

It was after one of those her usual programs in Abuja that a young handsome man walked up to her and called her by her full name.

“It’s only someone who knew me from home that would call my name this way” Zion concluded and turned to face an ebony dark handsome young man smiling at her.

The smiles and the face seemed familiar and so she tried recollecting where she had met the young man but couldn’t so she decided to respond with a friendly smile.

“And who do we have here?” she asked, expecting him to introduce himself but he kept on smiling and showing his fine set of White teeth which reminded her of Arome. She began to miss him and wished to see him again, with the resolve to apologize and not act harsh towards him as she used to do in in time past.

As she made to suspend the thoughts of Arome, her instinct told her the guy before her was no other person but Arome and she looked deep into those eyes and saw the ever smiling,calm and kind secondary school Arome.

“Arome?” She shouted unconsciously and the young man bursted into laughter. Zion forgot she was a public figure and jumped on him, screaming his name and it drew the attention of people who laughed at joyful outbursts. They hugged each other so passionately over and over again and would not let go.

“I’ve been seeing this Abuja Miracle program advert on television with your pictures and name as the preacher. I also watch your television programmes and I was wondering what happened to the angry Zion when God’s name is mentioned” he explained ,then continued,

“I decided to come and see things for myself and hear Zion Omaojo preach the God she once abhorred” Arome said laughing and she smiled.

“Arome, a lot happened” she said quietly and we can’t talk much about it here. We have to sit and talk again as friends ” she said with a wink and he said with a brief smile,

” Thank God am still a friend”

“Hey! Don’t go there” she said jokingly trying to prevent him from calling back old memories of her harsh behaviors.

“Alright, woman of God” he teased her, then continued,

“Also known as daughter of fire” he said and Zion gave him a mild blow on the shoulder.

“Stop that, I didn’t know how people started calling me that name ‘Daughter of fire’, am not even comfortable with it but people keep addressing me with that name” she said in defense as Arome watched her pink lips quietly.

” I must confess, you look more beautiful and younger too, Zion ” he finally said and she blushed.

“I will say ‘thank you” she said trying to avoid his eyes.

“You know what?” She said searching her hand bag’s side pocket.

“Here’s my contact card, Arome, let’s meet and talk please in a more comfortable place” she said handing him a card. And he held her hands first before collecting the card,looked into her eyes and smiled handsomely as Zion looked away trying to act in denial of what ever she was feeling inside her.

“I will call you” he said and walked past her to where his car was packed, and looked back again at Zion who entered her brand new Venza until the car zoomed off out of sight.

He smiled to himself, entered his car and drove home thinking about Zion still.

He tried waiting till the next day or two to call her but couldn’t, so he decided to call her and know if she arrived home safely. The call that was supposed to be a brief one, exceeded 10 minutes as they got talking and laughing over the phone again.

“Zion, you’ve really changed. Can’t believe you are the one laughing this way” he said teasingly. They both scheduled to meet on Sunday and share experiences of the past few years. But they continued their long phone conversation till the Sunday they agreed to meet.

Zion shared with Arome everything that happened and how she encountered God again and became a changed person. From that day they both met, the two became inseparable but kept the relationship secret because of Zion’s personality as a young preacher.

They only met once in a while in open places and related like casual friends but spent hours over the phone talking and chatting.

At exactly 9am that morning, Arome was already at the airport to pick Zion…

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