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“Don’t say no to me please.” He said looking into her eyes pleadingly.

” Am not after you because of the fame and attachments. Zion, I’ve always loved you from our secondary school days and prayed for you even when you were acting harsh towards me. I might not be an anointed man of God but I heard God concerning the two of us and I know He’s spoken to you too” he explained searching her eyes for answers.

“Look I need more time, the ministry is still very young and so demanding; I also need to set my father up in something and.. and..” She tried to explain but he cut her short,

“We can do all of that together my love” he interrupted her as he stood up, took hold of her hands and drew very close to her, looking straight into her eyes.

“Look into my eyes and tell me I have nothing to contribute in your life and purpose and I will leave your life for good ” he said, then continued almost immediately and she stood transfixed unable to talk.
“Our secret relationship is even harmful to your reputation and the ministry if we continue this way, you and I can’t deny what we feel for each other and we can’t hide our love for each other for long.

Didn’t you hear the question that press lady asked and the way everyone there reacted ? People are already suspecting something between the two of us. Let’s get married and enjoy our love lives in the confines of marriage. That way, people won’t have anything negative to say about you and the ministry…” He explained searching her eyes but she was silent and was not ready to talk.
“Alright… I will take your silence for a no to my proposal” he said almost immediately,then continued as his eyes turned red with emotions.

” If you don’t trust me or love me enough to marry me, there’s no problems. I will let you be..” He said with a broken voice, gently released her hands from his and turned to leave but Zion rushed at him and held him back. He lowered his head and tried to stop the tears that has gathered on his eyelids.

“Umm… The ring is beautiful” she stammered as she tried to find the right words to explain herself well to him.
“The soul giving me the beautiful ring is much more beautiful and there’s no reason why I should turn him down” she said and breathed down as she wished he could just lift up his head and look into her eyes for her to explain herself better.

“Heaven knows I love you, I really do. But am afraid” she said spoke up almost crying.

“I’ve seen with my two eyes how the devil projected men into my life just to ruin my destiny, and to think that I loved the enemies of my soul deeply the way I did frightens me a lot …” She was explaining,then Arome turned to look at her and she got the question in his eyes even without him saying anything.
“Not what you’re thinking. Am not saying you are projected from hell. I’m only scared!” She explained worriedly but Arome stood there just looking at her without blinking his eyes.

“Okay” Zion said, ” Let me first discuss this with Baba and I will get back to you ” she said and Arome nodded in agreement.
“That’s better” he said and began to walk out on her.
“What do you mean by “that’s better?” She asked with confusion in her eyes and Arome halted, turned and looked at her before answering her question.

“Baba is the only one aware of our relationship from the onset because you introduced me to him and he has been in full support since then. So, your going to discuss my proposal with him is a very welcomed development and I have nothing to fear or worry about.” He said with a tone of finality.

“I have to be on my way now” he said without looking at her.
“And the party?” She asked, ” You organized it and everyone is waiting for us to come cut the cake ” she said with concern. But he waved his hands indicating that he wasn’t in the mood and walked out while she ran into her room and broke down in tears.
Zion expected Arome to call her that night but he didn’t ,so she became restless and struggled with her thought whether to call him or not. She fought hard against the thought telling her to call him but like someone under a spell, she found herself dialing his number and was thrown off balance when MTN told her that his number was switched off.

She began to miss him strongly and bursted into tears. After some minutes, her phone buzzed and she rushed at it thinking it was him, on seeing the caller she wiped her tears before pressing the receive button.

“Hello Baba” she answered the call and greeted him.

“What’s bothering you great one?” Baba asked and she kept quiet and then began to cry afresh.
“Baba, he proposed marriage to me but am afraid!” She said in brief as her tears flowed down freely.

“Arome proposed to you?” Baba asked over the phone and she nodded childishly in the affirmative as if he was there with her,

“Yes Baba” she replied and was shocked at Baba’s immediate response,
“Congratulations” Baba said excitedly over the phone.
“I’ve been expecting this and am happy he has done that. Once the both of you are married, your ministry will enter into another dimension of glory because he shall be a backbone to you in life and ministry. Don’t be afraid, accept his proposal and I will personally see to it that the wedding is hastened up. Regards to your father” Baba said with a tone of finality and ended the call. She removed the phone from her ear and looked at it again to be sure it’s Baba she just spoke with.

She didn’t know whether to cry or laugh knowing that Baba just approved her marriage with Arome. She began to try his number over and over and couldn’t sleep all through the night as she anxiously looked forward to accepting his marriage proposal. She slept off at about 12minutes to 5am.

At Arome’s house, he intentionally switched off his phone and told himself,
“Give her space to decide for herself” he told himself and even though he picked up his phone several times to call her, he would dropped it and closed his eyes tightly.

There was a knock on Zion’s door that jolted her from sleep. She jumped up from her bed and rushed out to answer whoever the person might be,
“Maybe Arome is here to see me” she thought, but on reaching the door, she was disappointed to see her house keeper, who asked for permission to clean her room. She angrily told her to go away and she rushed into the bathroom to shower.

In less than two hours, she arrived Arome’s house with her driver. The driver stayed back in the car while she walked to door and knocked. Arome had see her through the open window’s cotton and his heart leaped for joy but he decided to keep his calm and know why she came. He opened the door for her and on seeing her, he smiled weakly and turned to take a seat as she entered.
They exchanged pleasantries, and Zion took a seat opposite him searching to see his face but he stole a look at her and looked away when their eyes met and silence permeated the sitting room as no one was willing to speak up.

“I’ve spoken with Baba ” she said carefully expecting to see him turn his face but he maintained same position.
” He.. I …concerning our discussion yesterday” she stammered not knowing how to start up the discussion.

” I know I heard God but I needed Baba to confirm what I heard. And he have confirmed and approved our marriage ..” She announced with a smile and expected him to be excited but he just nodded his head and said,

“He called me too” he replied and excused himself. He came back in few seconds with his phone in his head..
“So what’s your answer” he said looking at her as she sat uncomfortably. She was probably shocked to see that he was no longer the ever smiling Arome. She stood up and said she was going but Arome, spoke up.

“Zee,please stop hurting us this way. I can’t remember if sleep have touched my eyes since yesterday because of your refusal to accept my proposal. And here you are again trying to walk out on me without any reasonable response even when Baba has confirmed and approved our marriage.” He said almost shouting, then lowered his voice a little bit,

“Did you leave your house only to come and hurt me this morning? Do you derive joy in hurting me?” He stood up and approached her.
“Tell me, why do you like hurting me. Did I committed any sin loving you…?'” He said almost crying and Zion interrupted him,

” please.. ,stop! ” she halted him ” I’ve done nothing wrong reporting to my spiritual father before accepting your proposal ” she said getting upset, then Arome held her back to her seat and apologized for shouting so loud. She sat very close looking into her eyes and waited for her to say whatever she has to say, and after some minutes, she tapped his hands and said,

“Yes, I will marry you Arome.” She said, her eyes lost in his,
“I love you more than you know…” she expressed herself and he held her hands more tightly, trying to overcome the temptation of embracing her too intimately but like a magnet, Zion melted into his arms and remained there for the next five minutes before he released her in order to avoid deeper intimacy. He was in tears and knelt down to pledge total love and faithfulness to her in marriage.

Three months later, the love birds wedded with dignitaries in attendance. Mr Ojimaojo handed her daughter over to Arome and gave them his blessings. And Baba traveled down to Nigeria to witness the wedding, gave them his blessings and pronounced enlargement on their new home and ministry. The news of their wedding went viral on the internet too.

They were ushered into the hotel suite where they were to lodge for their honeymoon and Arome gave her the very first surprise by presenting an Admission letter to her to go further her studies abroad.
“How did you know that furthering my studies abroad has been a burden in my heart?” Zion said with excitement,but suddenly became moody .

“The ministry, how am I going to handle it?” She said with worries.

“You need to further your studies. You only have your olevel certificate and that’s not enough. You may not necessarily need it in terms of getting a job cuz God has already given you the best job in life and for the ministry, we are into it together” he said, cuddled her and tickled her waist.

“To avoid the whole thing being too much for you, we won’t be expecting babies soon until you are done with your studies. What do you think?” He said caressing her hair gently.
“Which means there’s no honeymoon tonight right?” She asked teasingly and broke out of his holds.

“Don’t joke with that one oo” he said almost immediately, “come over here” he said and began to Chase Zion who started running around the room. In no time, he caught her and they both landed on the bed kissing deeply…

Me: NEPA took the light so i didn’t’ see what happened next.


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