My I.t Sexcapades - S01 E35

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When I got to my madam’s place she looks so

weak, she was just not her.

“What’s wrong with you ma?” I inquired and

she just stared at me for long without saying

a word. I held on to her and kept silient. My

papa will always tell me that the best way to

console an aggrieved person is just to hold

the person tight and share some moment of

silence with them.

Sometimes Silence speaks millions of words.

She clung to me tightly, ‘why is she getting so

emotional?’ I thought. She suddenly asked me

a question.

“Nnaji do you really love me?” I turned and

looked at her and I was like “What sorta

question is this one naw”

I said that in my head , you don’t expect I told

her that naw do you?

“Yes ma I do” I replied with a confused

expression written all over my face.

“I mean real love and not lust” she asked and I

assured her that I love her.

I really love her for the way she treats me,

care for me and also give me what I never

dreamt off. Yes I love her.

“Will you mind if I tell you what is on my


I stared at her not sure if I will mind or not.

“uhmmmm…uhmm …Yes ma”U replied and she

Stared at me and I noticed a brim of silver

liquids around the orbs of her eyes.

“You are the firat young man I have ever been

with and….” She suddenly stops talking and I

watched on with anticipation.

She saw the anxious look in my eyes and

continued…”I have always respected my

husband since the inception of our marriage

until he got his secretary pregnant, that was

6years ago.” She paused as if she wants the

information to sink in before she continues

and truely it took me some seconds to digest


“Since then I swore not to be faithful to him

anymore, I have had several affairs, and I

made it obvious so that he will feel what I felt,

I was just not sensitive enough to realise that

my daughter was watching all this and she

termed me a bad mother and never listens to

my advice” I listened intently as she said all

these and I was beginning to feel sorry for her.

“Now my daughter is as promiscuous as

myself and I can’t correct her..”

The tear hanging around the orbs fell down

and she quickly wiped then with my free palm.

“It’s ok I understand” I comforted her. She

nodded and continued talking. ” The other day

I brought you to the house I was not willing to

let you go, I was glad you stayed and I

enjoyed every t----t you gave to me, they were

different from what I always had. They were

energetic and filled with love, and since then I

hunger for more touch, you are the first young

man I have been with and I feel this way” as

she talked I felt more emotional, could this be

happening? A married woman confessing love

to me. Was this really Love or lust?

My thoughts were interrupted with her

touches, “Make love to me Baby, take this

sadness away from me” She pleaded with

sad eyes and grabbed my lips with hers. It

was a ‘battle of the tongues’. We kissed,

smooched, s----d and finally had an intense

s*x. It was 5pm by the time we rounded up.

She was so glad just like I was.

Ada must have been calling, I was wise

enough to keep my phone in silent. When she

went to wash herself I grabbed my phone and

the amount of missed calls I saw shocked me.

Most of them from Ada, and immediately I

started devising a means to leave. I know she

will want me to spend the night but I can’t

just dissapoint Ada. I kept on cracking my

head on what to do but nothing came out of

my drained brain till she stepped out of the


Her body radiated as she stepped into the

room and she asked me to come assist her

with her cream. “Come rub my back please”

As I was rubbing the cream round her back

my brain was still cracking, my hands were

moving erratically, and not romantically, just

as I was about to rub her lower back the idea

surfaced. Just like an inspiration.

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