My I.t Sexcapades - S01 E36

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I suddenly finished rubbing her back and she

thanked me and went to the wardrob, I

watched her slip the clothe over her body. I

have devised and perfected my plans. My

phone started ringing and I picked it up and

talked away rapidly screaming and making

exclaimations that drew my madam’s

attention. She watched me with questioning

wide glares that assured me I was acting well.

“What is the matter?” She asked hysterically

immediately I dropped the phone.

”My cousin’s son just had an accident and

she was the one that called, her husband is

out of town and am the only close relative

around… she wants me to come stay with her

at the hospital.” I lied without difficulty.

She was obviously caring as she urged me to

start going, offering to gimme a ride down to

Gwags as she zipped up her gown. I had told

her it was General hospital Gwagwalaa that

she was on her inquiry.

The next few minutes we were on our way to

Gwags. She was behind the wheels, looking so

worried as she drove. I was almost going to

burst out with laughters as I watched her

facial expression. She was really sad. How I

manage to keep that sad face shocked me.

Truly. The face is not a window to the mind!

as Shakespeare said.

I started thinking of how I had planned to

leave her room and I beamed a hidden smile

to myself. This is how it happened. When I

was rubbing her back I was seriously cracking

my brain thinking of a way to leave so that I

can go visit Ada.

Along the line I thought of giving an excuse to

go visit my cousin sis at Zuba but on what

basis? She will not want me to go

immediately. That was how the accident stuff

came into my head. my cousin is newly

married and have no son so I quickly planned

out how to fake a call. I won’t want to be the

one to call I would want my cousin to call but

how? and if she did call how will I act out

what I have in mind.? That was when it

dawned on me like a flash.

Immediately I finished rubbing her back with

the Olive oil, she turned towards the wardrobe

to get a new dress. Immediately she had her

back turned to me, I quickly grabbed my

phone and checked the time.It was few mins

6:30pm so I quickly set an alarm to ring by

6:31 pm, remember my phone was on silent

mood so I quickly switched it to general mood.

She found the clothe she wants to wear and

slipped it over her body and was about to Zip

it up when the alarm went off and I quickly

picked it and acted like one receiving a call

The way I exclaimed paused her movement as

she waited for me to finish so she can ask me

what the matter was.

Thankful to my stars everything worked

according to my plans and now she is driving

me to Gwags to see my Cousin whereby

invariably she is driving me to her daughter’s!

UniAbuja is located at Gwags too.

When we got to the hospital, I jumped out and

rushed out of the car like some one who is in

a hurry to see the state of his nephew. I was

running towards the hospital building when

she called me back.

“Nneji, don’t be in a haste” and I stopped

abruptly and apologized.

“Sorry ma, thanks alot for the ride, God bless”

I told her and started walking off again.

“Won’t you like me to accompany you?” She

asked. Immediately my brain seized.

“Accompany me? Noooooooo, na scam I dey

act so!” I screamed in my head.

“No ma, you have tried, and my sister is not

expecting you” I explained to her and she

really did understood. At this point I wished


I was not deceiving her and I wished all

women will be understanding like her.

“Ok here, have this” And she handed me some

folds of naira note. I collected it with so much

joy, thanked her and ran towards the hospital.

Immediately I reached inside I hide behind a

glass to watch her go into her car and drive

away I was so happy that ny plan worked so

fine. The joy never allowed me to unfold the

notes to know how much she gave to me.

I stole out of the hospital when I was quiet

sure she has gone and I bounced toward the

gate and when I was about to cross the road I

heard “Nneji” immediately I turned I saw it

was my madam calling from behind the

wheels. Immediately I felt the ground should

just open while I fall in.

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