My I.t Sexcapades - S01 E34

4 weeks ago

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Immediately I bolted the door and came back

to Vicky who was laying so helples on my bed

I resumed my kissyinf and soon my legs and

hands were at work. There should have been a

signpost at my door saying ‘Don’t knock lips,

hands and legs at work’

She was too sensitive as her body keeps

squirming under my touch. I watched her face

and her eyes were shut tightly and her toes

curled as I felt them with mine. I grabbed her

Bosom and rumple them in between my palms

and I knew some other guys have been

pressing them. It was so soft and plump. I

couldn’t just spend the whole day pressing

boooobs through her shirt so I found the hem

of her shirt and pulled it up to expose her

belly and behold I saw her Bosom nicely

packaged in a not too beautiful bra but who


I dived and s----d away. Pushing the bra and

nibbling on the Tip with my upper and lower

lips combined. She was trying so hard to

suppress her moans all this while. Her

response was spurring me. I want to make

sure she don’t forget this experience but

suddenly I heard my her name being called

and we both stopped to listen. The name came

through again and I recognized that was her

dad’s voice. The landlord.

“You never told ne your dad will come back

today!” I whispered in hushed tones.

“I don’t know too.” She responded as the

bame came through again. we just both kept

quiet. All the s*x hormones have calmed and

adrenaline have taken over!

Her dad have been away for three days now

and his son was never around just Vicky and

now I was about to get down the man came.

Well the end of the matter was that, the s*x

was cancelled as she later stole out of my

room and pretended to be coming back from

the neighboring compound.

I checked the time when she left and I saw it

was already 12:30 so I quickly rushed into my

trouser to go see my madam at Gwarimpa. A

twenty mins drive from Kuchiko Bwari. On my

way I replayed all that has happened and felt

frustrated for an in complete mission.

I called my madam that I was on my way abd

I notuced she sounded so weak but she

refused to talk so much when I inquired what

the matter was insisting she will tell me when

I get home.

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