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I went out to find what to eat as I was really

really hungry. As I grabbed water and swish it

around my mouth as I wwnt out to pour it.

I saw Vicky coming out from the bathroom

with just a towel on,exposing a whole lot of

her black skin, the effect of the water on her

sexualized the skin.

“Must I always meet this babe when ecetr she

is coming out of the bathroom?”. I screamed

in my head. She greeted me with smiles and I

nodded as I could not answer due to the

water in my mouth. She seem to understand

as she continued moving towards her door.

Back from pouring the water I ran out,

bought bread from the shop adjacent to our

compound and as I was coming back I saw T.j.

I was struck with shock because his face looks

expressionless unlike the former T.J that

beams with smiles whenever he sees me.

“Bro weldone o” I greeted him as we met.

“This man afar you now, you just scarce

anyhow” he said cheerfully. I was awe

strikened that he did not do what I thought

he will. “Abi this guy no know say I bleep im

senior babe that day?”,I joked in my head as I

took his outstretched hand. That was when it

happened, when I want to withdraw my hand I

felt his grip tighten around mine. I told y’all

earlier that his is big in stature unlike me that

is smallish like dat.

“Bros abeg na mistake”

That was what I was saying in my head when I

learnt he was not going to leave me. I made a

little struggle and looked at his face to see

that his contenance has changed.

“bros wetyn happen naw?” i asked him

feigning surprised.

“So you still dey ask me abi” he snarled. Few

passerbys behaved like they did not notice us

so I knew I was doomed if this guy starts

beating me up. Nobody will help So I applied


“Bros abeg no vex” I pleaded as smooth

slithering silver liquids form around the orbs

of my eyes. He held me tighter and pulled me

closer to himself.

“Bros me na your guy o.” I screamed as I used

my free hand to protect over my head from

anticipated defense.

Something seem to suddenly calm him down

aa he release his grip in me.

“But guy you fuvk up” He thrashed at me.

“Yes…abeg…o vex plenty”,I pleaded


He let go of my hands and did what surprised

me. “But guy you bad o, I think say you na

jew man, for my woman to stout like that

means say you knack am well” I just kept shut.

Maybe this is a trick to make me say what will

make him beat me black and blue. He further

suytprised me as he bent slughtly.

“But guy you enjoy her?” I still remained mute

and static.

“No dey dull me naw answer me” He said

raising his voice up a bit so I nodded.

“Baddddddd guy” he hailed me showing his

thumb to me.

“Na bread you wan chop this morning?” He

added looking at the nylon I was clutching in

my hand, as if he just noticed it. I still


“Oya naw go flex when I come back we go

yarn wella, make I reach shop” he said and

continued walking down the road while I

hastened my walk to my room still surprised

at his hailings. Just like that? Im ybo beat me


Maybe he does not see his senior babe as a

girlfriend, probably just a fuvk material.

I was to know the reason for his actions that

morning on a future date.

After eating my bread and washing it down

with water I rushed to take my bath and brush

my teeth (My madam have taught me to eat

before brushing). As I was taking my bathe,

the devil came over me and I started imaging

Vicky taking her bath while inside here. I

imagined if she frisked herself and I imagined

her without clothes, soon I noticed my laddle

spring up to life and I smiled at it’s arrogance

and pride.

The way it always stand at attention when my

head sees and imagine things. I was not in the

mood for self service plus it’s not even half

the tatse of a real kitthy so I brushed the

thoughts off my head and quickly friskrd the

sponge over my Unclad body and soon I was

done bathing.

Inside my room I noiced it was past 10 am

already. How time flies I don’t know. My

phone whatsapp message notification bleeped

and I picked up the phone pulling down the

top of the screan to get a glimpse of who

sent the meaaage befor opening it

I saw 5 unread mesaages from 3 chats.

Surprisingly none from the group chat I was


I saw ‘Ada: hi…’

So I opened the message.She was asking when

I will be coming around. I quickly typed a

‘5pm’ to her and soon the messaged ticked

blue to signify she have read it.

Immediately she started typing…

Ada: What! That is when the show should be


Me:Yeah I know, we can still go late you

know…. Grin smiley.

Ada: I want to spend some time with you

before we go, can’t you make it 1pm atleast?

‘Nawa for this people o’ I thought.

‘Them use 1pm swear for una?’ Mama-1pm,


She started typing when I was not replying.

Ada: ?

Me: Noooo, I will be busy, ok lets say 3pm


Ada: Today is saturday naw….

Me: Am drawing, lemme continue so I can be


Ada: ok then.

I went offline and stretched. ‘Drawing ke’

I heard Vicky calling and immediately the

mental picture I had earlier came rushing.

I asked her to come in and she came in

dressed in a nice blue top and a smart nicker.

She looked so sweet.

“Vicky baby afa”

“Fine o”

“Anything for me?” I teased and she smiled

and said she came to see a movie on my

laptop. Me that never rememeber I have

movies in my laptop sef.if I was not typing

then am designing some graphics.

“I no get better film” I announced to her.

“Make I see the one wey you get, I just wan

watch film now” She replied. I brought out my

lappy frpmy my bag and put it on. While it

load I glanced at her again. “Babe your attire

make sense o” She blushed and thanked me.

I searched through my documents and saw

where I saved some movies I collected in my

second year. Over 100 movies and I have

surprisingly watched none. I showed her all

the movies and she was ‘wooowed’ by the

amount. As she was going through the list she

bent down and her shirt rode up and I caught

a glimpse of her butt0ckz crack. She was with

no p@nties. The dark smooth skin surely had

some effect on my laddle, but I quickly

brushed away the thought. There is something

not just right about checking out my

landlord’s daughter, so I thought..

Soon sgye excliamyed she have seen one she

likes. “It was College Unrated”. We sat to

watch the movies and the intro plus the title

really showed it is unrated. The movie was fun

though but I noticed it was just for

entertainment sake. She was really enjoying

the movie as she lay her head on my shoulder

at some point.

The movie got to a point where two students

came out from the dancing Hall after the girl

pulled the guy out .

Immediately outside the

girl initiated a kiss and they started kissing

and petting heavily as the guy’s hand found

her white butt cheek, squeezing them


All this while Vicky was not moving, with her

head on my shoulder I noticed a part of her

large booobs pressing on to my chest.

I continued watching still holding her on the


The movie was still playing. The two lovebirds

have relocated to a darker corner and the guy

have completely lift the girl’s skimpy skirt to

her waist and have pinned her to the wall.

That scene was cut and a scene inside the

party was shown. A boy and a girl were

already banging away as the girl screams.

Another scene was shown, a girl giving her

boyfriend head.

At this point I was no longer comfortable

watching such movie with a girl that is not my

neighbour so I made to fast forward it but

she said I should not that she is enjoying it.

“Is it not making you feel somehow?” I asked

but instead of answering me she reclined more

into my body pressing her booobs more,

either knowingly or unknowingly.

We continued watching and the scene where

the other two love birds were outside was

shown. The guy have finally gotten his stuff

into the girl’s and was banging away pinning

the girl on the wall while her b0s0m heaves.

The scene was so Intimate that my hands

started roaming over vicky’s skin

unconsciously and she pretended she did not

know so I continued, taking my hands lower

from her shoulders gently down to the upper

arms. She still had her eyes focused in the

screen just like I, but I was just seeing moving

images, I dont know what was happening on

the screen but I was no longer thinking with

my brain.

Most of the blood in my brain have flowed

down to my waist region so I was now

thinking with my laddle. I suddenly I grabbed

her b0s0m from the side and she jerked. I

pressed the m---d and she turned away from

the screen and faced at me. Immediately our

eyes jammed I pounced on her lips with mine

and our lips locked. She was receiving the kiss

like one who have been waiting for this


Her eyes shut tight and immediately I lay her

on the bed and continued kissing her. She

was really gone. I suddenly broke the kiss,

rose up and went to bolt the door.

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