My Class Teacher - S01 E09

1 year ago

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Elvis: were you following me?

Lizzy: yes i was, Elvis who is Anita?

Elvis: you don’t need to know.

Lizzy: hope it’s not who i think it is?

Elvis: and who do you think it is?

Lizzy: our biology teacher?

Elvis: you’re always on my neck, okay it’s her, what are you going to do about it?!

Lizzy: what’s your relationship with her?

Elvis: it’s none of your business. (Wanted to live and she held him)

Lizzy: are you in love with that woman?

Elvis: she haven’t gotten to the woman stage yet, she’s just 22, my sister’s age mate! Stop making it look as if she’s that older than me!

Lizzy: wait, Elvis you love her?

Elvis: what if i do? Is there anything wrong with it? Tell me!

Lizzy: you’re even shouting at me now cause of her?

Elvis: please don’t spoil our friendship. (Walks away from her)

Lizzy: cause of her? (She turns and left)

Elvis got home that day as usual, and after eating he went over to Anita’s place and the both sat down and started discussing until Anita’s phone beeped, she checked it and it was a message from Tony’s number, she read it and couldn’t say anything else and turned to Elvis and asked him.

Anita: what happened between you and Tony?

Elvis: nothing.

Anita: nothing?

Elvis: okay i only asked him a few things alright.

Anita: what is wrong with you?

Elvis: what did i do?

Anita: you know what you did!

Elvis: is that why you’re shouting at me?

Anita: yes! He texted that you should sit and watch what he does to you since you feel that you can now threaten everyone you see.

Elvis: and so what?

Anita: I don’t want anything to happen to you Elvis, what will your sister and mother think when they find out that you’re having a problem with your teacher cause of me?

Elvis: they won’t think anything! And if you want me to stop talking to you, then that’s okay with me, I’ll stop doing that.

Anita: that’s not what i mean.

Elvis: i understand everything you said, everything between us stops today and here. (Stands up and left the room)

Anita: Elvis! (It turned out that he left and she sat down and started crying)…..

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