My Class Teacher - S01 E08

1 year ago

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A week after what happened, Anita came back to school, immediately she went into the biology lab and sat down, Tony came in, and she turned and asked him.

Anita: what is it?

Tony: why haven’t you been picking my calls?

Anita: what in the world will make me pick your calls?

Tony: you’ve grown wings after you sent that boy.

Anita: what boy?

Tony: come on don’t ask me that when you know who am talking about!

Anita: i don’t know who you’re talking about.

Tony: you think this will end after he deletes them?

Anita: can you just live me alone!?

Tony: i will, after i ruin you!

Anita: what?

Tony: yes! I’ll tell the owner of this school that you’re dating a student and make sure you don’t get accepted into any school in this state! And that boy, only God knows what his own case would be.

Anita: Tony don’t try anything stupid, if you want to do anything just do it to me and don’t involve Elvis in this!

Tony: he involved himself after he did that for you.(walks out of the lab)

Anita: oh my God!(immediately he left, Elvis came in)

Elvis: what’s wrong?

Anita: why are you here?

Elvis: i came to check if you’re in school today and then i saw sir Tony coming out from this place, what other business do you have with him?

Anita: Elvis?

Elvis: what?

Anita: can we stop talking to each other while we’re in school, don’t come in here unless if you’re coming to pass your assignment or class work?

Elvis: why?

Anita: it’s for your own good, just until you write your waec please?

Elvis: wait! What did he tell you?

Anita: he threatened to ruin you!

Elvis: (chuckles) ruin who? Me? Seems like he doesn’t know whom he’s dealing with? Is that what you’re afraid of?

Anita: this isn’t funny, he can do it.

Elvis: I’ve heard you(smiles) I’ll get going then.(leaves)

After school that day, Elvis waited for Tony just a few miles away from school, and luckily it was a lonely part, Tony had wanted to cross when he felt someone touch him, he turned back and asked him.

Tony: what’s the meaning of this?

Elvis: you should know what it means.

Tony: seems like you’re not with your senses?

Elvis:maybe anyway i heard you’ll ruin me and i came to tell you this, if you ever in your life, threaten Anita again, you’ll hate me the more.

Tony: i don’t have time for a kid like you, bye(wanted to live)

Elvis: try it next time if you don’t love your life.(Tony left without saying a word and Elvis turned to live and saw Lizzy standing there)

Elvis: Lizzy!?

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