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The next two days Elvis felt so angry that it made it even hard for him to talk to his friends, he went home early that day and met his sister at home, their mother had gone to the market while his sister didn’t go to work that day, he greeted her and went straight to his room and lay down on the bed without changing his school uniform, his sister had noticed his mood and went into his room and sat down beside him and asked.

Cynthia: what’s wrong with you?

Elvis: nothing.

Cynthia: don’t tell me that, i know something’s wrong.

Elvis: it’s nothing really.

Cynthia: am your sister Elvis not a stranger so talk to me.

Elvis: (sits up) sis i think….

Cynthia: you think what?

Elvis: i think i love Anita.

Cynthia: what!?

Elvis: i don’t even know what’s wrong with me? Am not supposed to be angry over anything concerning her but am always angry cause of her.

Cynthia: so that’s the problem?

Elvis: yes!

Cynthia: why don’t you tell her?

Elvis: don’t you think she’s too old for me?

Cynthia: old ke? Anita is just four years older than you so there’s nothing wrong in dating her.

Elvis: what if she doesn’t love me?

Cynthia: you never can tell, now getup from there and stop acting like a baby.

Elvis: which baby?

Cynthia: na you sabi, am going to the market to help Mum out, see you later(pecks him and left, she had just opened the door when she saw Lizzy standing there.)

Lizzy: goodday.

Cynthia: who are you looking for?

Lizzy: am Elvis’s classmate, Lizzy.

Cynthia: oh any problem?

Lizzy: you know he left early today without telling anyone so i came to check on him.

Cynthia: okay then, he’s inside.

Lizzy: okay thanks(wanted to go in and turned) you’re his sister right?

Cynthia: yeah i am.

Lizzy: thank God.

Cynthia: what happened?

Lizzy: i think Elvis is dating our teacher.

Cynthia: really?

Lizzy: yes.

Cynthia: that’s actually none of my business, bye(left)

Lizzy: what? (Walks in and locks the door) Elvis! (He heard his name and came out to check who it was)

Elvis: Lizzy what are you doing here?

Lizzy: i missed you so i came over to see you.

Elvis: since when?

Lizzy: what do you mean?

Elvis: what are you up to?

Lizzy: this is what am up to(goes close to him and kissed him………….

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