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Tony had called George that afternoon as usual to take his system and phone to the office and plug it there, George pretended to be sick while Elvis went to do it, he took it from him and went to the office, and luckily the teachers had a meeting that day, Elvis tried the easiest pattern on his phone which was Z and it unlocked, he went through his gallery and saw the pictures, and deleted all of them and then his system was now the problem, and he had some students say that Tony stores his system’s password in his phone as a contact, so he decided to check and finally got it, and unlocked the system and did the same.

Later that day, after school had ended, the students were about to go home when Tony stopped all of them and asked them.

Tony: who went through my phone and system while the meeting was going on?(the students starts murmuring and one of the teachers asked him)

Abigail: did anything happen?

Tony: some important files in my phone and system were deleted today , this afternoon!

Abigail: who might have done it?

Tony: George!

George: sir(comes out).

Tony: who went through them?

George: sir i was sick today, am not the one.

Tony: who is that your friend that helped you do it?

George: you mean Elvis?

Tony: who is Elvis here?!

Elvis:(comes out) i am Elvis.

Tony: why did you delete those files?

Elvis: did you see me deleting them or do i have anything with you? I was just helping a friend out.

Tony: you think you’re smart?

Elvis: no.

Tony: I’ll get to the root of this!

Elvis: is the file that important that you would accuse a student?

Tony: are you talking to me? Do you realize that am your teacher?

Elvis: i know you’re.

Abigail: Tony stop this, all of you can go home.

Elvis: bye (they left while Tony angrily stared at him)

They had just gone a few miles away from school when Lizzy asked.

Lizzy: did you do it?

Elvis: yes.

Lizzy: why?!

Elvis: cause i wanted to.

Lizzy: George do you know about this?

George: maybe.

Lizzy: how could you guys do that to your teacher?

Elvis: i was just helping a friend out.

Lizzy: what friend?

Elvis: am not telling you.

Lizzy: i know you’re so secretive but i swear I’ll find out who you did it for.(walks out)

Elvis: what is wrong with her?

George: i don’t know.

Elvis: let’s go( they left the scene)….

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