My Class Teacher - S01 E06

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Anita: i don’t know how to tell you this.(starts crying again)

Elvis: can you just stop crying and tell me?

Anita: we used to date.

Elvis: really?

Anita: yes, we broke up last year, and during that time, i sent some nude pics to him.

Elvis: what? Why did you?

Anita: cause i loved him alright, i didn’t know he was going to live me someday!, i don’t even know why am telling you this.

Elvis: continue.

Anita: ever since i met him again, it’s either he asks me for money or sex and if i refuse, he will threaten me with the nude pics.

Elvis: wait you’ve been having sex with him?

Anita: yes, i don’t know what to do.

Elvis: do you even know that he’s getting married soon?

Anita: i know that.

Elvis: then find out who the lady is and tell her about this.

Anita: i can’t!

Elvis: i understand.

Anita: what do i do?

Elvis: but are you sure he still has those nudes?

Anita: yes! He shows it to me.

Elvis: from his laptop or phone?

Anita: his phone.

Elvis: maybe i can help you out?

Anita: how?

Elvis: I’ll delete the pictures from his phone and check if there’s one in his laptop and delete it too.

Anita: how will you do that?

Elvis: don’t worry about that, i have my ways.

Anita: i pray that whatever plans you have works.

Elvis: it will work, now clean those tears.

Anita: okay.( wipes her face with the back of hand)

Elvis: do you want to hang out with me?

Anita: now?

Elvis: yeah stand up, let’s go out and at least you can get close to my family, especially my sis, she’ll help you cheer up.

Anita: thanks a lot.

Elvis: you helped me too so it’s nothing.

Anita: let me change into something better.

Elvis: I’ll wait outside.

Anita: okay.(he stood up and left the room)

The next day, when he got to school, he asked George.

Elvis: do sir Tony still give you his system and phone to charge for him?

George: yeah, why are you asking?

Elvis: nothing but do they have passwords?

George: yes.

Elvis: i want you to do something for me.

George: what’s that?

Elvis: but any day he calls you to come and take them just let me know.

George: why?

Elvis: I’ll charge them myself after i take what i want.

George: Elvis what are you up to?

Elvis: just do that for me.

George: okay then.

Elvis: thanks…….

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