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Yesterday I was called by Qudrah who told me our semester result had been placed on the notice board. I was very happy because I had been waiting for such a day to come. And today, when I checked it and found out I was having problem with Dr. Marwan’s course I headed straight to his office and asked him why I saw “pending” in his course.

“Are you Fatimah Bulama?” He asked.

“Yes, I am” I nodded my head.

“Have a seat” He offered.

“No, I am okey standing” I muttered.

Thus, he huffed as he gently took off his eye glasses, cleaned it and wore it back. “Is Yusuf your boyfriend?” He queried.

“Yusuf Dolari? God forbid!” I squealed.

“Why did you said that?” He asked.

“Because he is a bad guy” I uttered as I gently folded my arms across my chest.

“Bad?” He wrinkled a brow. “Does that mean he forced you into helping him with his paper? Can you elaborate it?”

“Actually, sir…” I gulped and continued. “I helped him because I… I didn’t want him to… to carryover the course again”

“Nice, why then did you said he’s a bad guy? Has he ever…” He said as I cut in.

“No, he has never done anything bad to me though he once overtook me with his car. I only said he’s bad because I think he’s somehow into smoking and also, you know, womanising” I uttered.

“So, you’re not even sure?” He asked. And as speechless as I was I began to stutter only for him to interrupt me. “Fatimah, it’s not good that way. You ought to know people before judging them. Even in Islam it is not good…”

He kept preaching to me until finally, he brought tears to my face with his words. Indeed I was so wrong to judge Yusuf, I should have known him better first. Oh Ya Allah, forgive me for all my mistakes. I supplicated inside my mind with tears and just then, Yusuf suddenly bounced into the office and found me in tears…

“Yusuf? Thank God you are even here!” Dr Marwan said taking off his glasses. I thought he would involve Yusuf into what we were discussing but he didn’t.

“Good Morning, sir” Yusuf greeted him and then enquired what was going on.

“Nothing except what you both caused for yourselves” Dr Marwan said and then continued. “I saw your booklets, she answered five questions for you which made us to pend your results”

Just then I felt Yusuf’s eyes on me. And after some seconds of silence, he sighed and turned to Dr Marwan. “Sir, we are sorry. It will not happen again” He said.

“Are you sure?” Dr Marwan asked.

“Cross my heart” Yusuf said.

Thus, Dr Marwan dismissed us from his office after having promised to rectify the issue of our results for us. He was very kind, more than he had ever been.

While heading to the parking lot with Yusuf, I felt so shy to even look at him. What Dr Marwan said about judging people kept lingering in my mind. He was so right, and now I was regretting.

As soon as we were in the parking lot, Qudrah called and told me she wasn’t feeling okey. Her voice said it all, and when I told her I would visit her that instant Yusuf insisted he would follow me. Well, I didn’t stop him… after all, she was his friend as well and I owed him an apology for misjudging him.

“You drive just like my sister” Yusuf said as soon as I quickly swung the car into the fast lane and maintained my speed.

“How?” I queried.

“Well,” He cleared his throat and then continued. “You don’t drive recklessly”

“You can say that again” I muttered.

Thus, he heaved a sigh and I could feel him staring at me while I concentrated on the road. “I never in my life knew a day like this will ever come” He uttered.

“A day like what?” I glanced at him.

“A day like this” He huffed and then continued. “Your car is so amazing”

“Oh, hmm” Was all I could say to him with the hope that I wasn’t making the wrong decision at all. I really hoped so!

Immediately we arrived at Qudrah’s house, I pulled over in front of the gate and headed inside together with Yusuf. Her mother, on seeing us welcomed us warmly and offered us some beverages to quench our thirst. “Qudrah is in her room, you can go and see her” She said.

“Okey, ma” I uttered and then turned to Yusuf. “Lets go, her room is over there”

“No, you should go alone” He said.

“Why?” I asked.

“Hmm, nothing” He smiled.

“Okey then” I huffed.

Just as I was heading towards Qudrah’s room, I heard her mother from behind asking Yusuf why he didn’t follow me.

“Or are you shy of my daughter?” She asked and thus he replied negatively.

“No ma…” He said.

Hence, I salaamed into Qudrah’s room and found her covered with a blanket. She cleared her throat and responded to my Salaam. “…Have a seat” She said.

“I will, even if you did not tell me to” I sarcastically said as I sat close to her on the bed. “Alas, is it typhoid or malaria?”

“It is Fatimah!” She rolled her eyes.

“Awwn, so sick person like you also get mouth?” I said laughing loudly at her.

“Yes fa, and even hand” She said as she threatened to punch me with her hand.

“Sorry o!” I shifted a little bit from her.

“Better” She said and continued. “So, how is my result? I… I know it is bad”

“Yes it is, 8 carryovers” I teased.

“All the courses? Impossible!” She said.

“Koh? Shikenan” I giggled.

“Ah, abeg na. Tell me the truth, I am anxious already o!” She complained.

“Okey… okey,” I cleared my throat and continued. “No carryover, CGP is 3.86”

“Mine? Wow!” She quickly adjusted into a sitting position still covering herself with the blanket. “This is so very great!”

“Yes, I am happy for you” I huffed.

“Thanks, Fatimah. How about yours? I know it is great too!” She said smiling.

“Yeah, Alhamdulillah. My CGP is 4.94 but one of my courses is pending. It is that Dr Marwan’s course” I muttered.

“Subhanallah! How comes?” She asked.

“I involved myself into examination malpractice. I helped Yusuf…” I said.

“Yusuf Dolari?” She coughed.

“Sorry, yes… Him!” I said.

“Hmm, now what?” She laid back.

“Dr Marwan will rectify the problem” I said and continued. “By the way, tare da Yusuf nazo, he’s in the living room yanzu. He said he’s not coming in…”

“Big lie!” She said.

“Wallahi, he’s with your mother” I said.

“I don’t believe you” She said.

“Well then go and see for yourself, or you can call your mother and ask her since everything to you is a joke” I said.

“Hmm, but how comes? Have you guys started dating ne? Tell me” She uttered.

“Dating? Please!” I smirked.

“But then how comes? I mean, the last time I checked; you really don’t like him. So, why the sudden change? Or was I right all these while that you love him? Say something, Fatimah” She said.

“Hmm, okey let me explain…” I said. Thus, I explained everything to her.


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