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Yesterday was as bitter as bitter leaf to me. It was Aminah, she was no where to be found. What happened was that when I visited Safiya’s house to see her, I was told she left since in the morning. Safiya told me she left without bidding her goodbye. She also told me that her mother had been complaining about Aminah’s presence in their house and maybe that was why the poor girl left.

“And none of you even cared to tell me?” I had asked breathing angrily.

“We didn’t take it serious” She had replied and told me she was sorry.

What pained me more was the fact that none of us knew where Aminah was and the kind of situation she and the baby she was carrying in her belly might unimaginably be in. I had tried her number severally but to no avail, she was also offline on WhatsApp and Viber. In anger, I drove to her uncle’s house and began knocking the gate so vigorous. The gateman came out and asked what exactly was wrong with me. I didn’t reply him, I only started screaming Aminah’s name so loudly.

“Mr man, she’s not here!” He had said.

“Then where is she?” I had asked him.

“I also don’t know” He had responded.

And just as I was about thundering him my phone began ringing and vibrating in my pocket. Without wasting much time I pulled it out and checked the caller I.D only for me to found out it was Aminah. Thus, I quickly picked the call and started throwing her questions.

“Yusuf, I am fine please!” She had said.

“Okey then, tell me where you are and I would come and get you” I had uttered.

“I am in Jigawa, and I… I already have aborted the pregnancy” She had said, thus began crying through the phone.

“What?!” I had puzzled.

“I am sorry, I just don’t think I can ever breed for someone that doesn’t love me. You don’t love me, Yusuf. You only want my safety. If only you love me, I would have kept the pregnancy” She had said.

It took me nearly a minute to find what to say to her. “I am sorry too, but I hope you are okey and soundly?” I had asked.

“Yes” She had responded. “Goodbye!”

“Okey, take care” I had said. Thus, she ended the call. She seemed unhappy.

In the night while laying motionlessly on my bed with the thought of what had happed lingering in my mind, Suleiman phoned and told me that our result had been placed in our department already.

“Da gaske kake ko wasa?” I had asked.

“Wallahi it is true!” He had responded and asked me to inform others as well.

The following day I prepared for school as early as possible and drove there in a high speed. I was so surprised when I found out there were many people by the notification board already, all checking for their result. Thus, I tried my possible best and forced myself into the crowd until I was finally in front of the notice board. When I checked my name, I found out I had passed all my courses except Dr Marwan’s 100level course which appeared as “pending”.

Oh My God, what again? I muttered as I unhesitatingly forced myself out of the crowd and then headed straight to his office. Thus, I found Fatimah Bulama already in his office and weeping. That really made me shock, what was going on? I wondered as I walked over to her.

“Yusuf? Thank God you are even here!” Dr Marwan said taking off his glasses.

“Good Morning, sir” I greeted him and then asked what exactly was going on.

“Nothing except what you both caused for yourselves. I saw your booklets, she answered five questions for you which made us to pend your results” He said.

And that reminded me of the booklets Fatimah and I exchanged during his paper. Actually, she had offered to help me with the remaining five questions which I was unable to answer. If only I knew it would cause us both this problem, I wouldn’t have let her help me. I turned and saw her still weeping, and that really broke my heart. By the way, what was I seeing in her chest? OMG things that were flat before, what had she done to make them this big?

“Sir, we are sorry” I said as I turned to Dr Marwan. “It will not happen again”

“Are you sure?” He wrinkled a brow.

“Cross my heart” I said.

“Okey then” He uttered and put back his glasses. “I will talk to the management”

“Management?” I asked.

“Yes Yusuf, it has already been reported to them by Dr Tanko Wada, the external lecturer that marked your exam scripts. But don’t you worry, I will try and make sure everything is alright once we fully resume, okey?” He said but none of us was able to respond to him. Hence, he huffed and turned to Fatimah. “Stop crying, this is a private university and the management will not try anything stupid because students are resource they would always value, understand?”

“Yes, sir” She sniffed.

“Good, now you can go… both of you” He said while wearing a broad smile.

“Thank you, sir” We chorused.

Thus, we headed out of his office with Fatimah wiping off her tears. Finally, I was able to see her beautiful face as the sun brightened her face. She had grown more beautiful than before and even more hot than I ever expected. Wasn’t even she the girl I once used to underestimate? The girl I used to say had nothing in her chest to impress a man? Well, here she was… glowing!

“I am sorry” I uttered in what seemed like a whisper. “I am so sorry, Fatimah”

“You don’t have to be” She said and then continued. “It was all my fault, remember? I am the one to say that”

“No, it was my fault” I protested.

“No Yusuf, it was mine!” She said. And that was how we kept on arguing with each other until we were finally in the parking lot. Thus she huffed and stared at me. That was how we kept staring at each other until her phone brought us back to our senses. It was a call. “Hello” She picked the call. “Sick kuma?” She dropped her jaw. “Eh, na duba miki” She huffed. “Okey, I am on my way. Zan zo yanzu” She said and ended the call.

“Who’s ill?” I asked.

“Qudrah” She said unlocking her car.

“Oh, eyyah” I sympathised. “Can I come with you?” I wrinkled one of my brows.

“Yes, but how about your car?” She said.

“It can wait here” I winked at her.

“Hmm” She smiled. “Okey then, lets go”


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