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“Yusuf, is Adnan in school please?!” Fatimah asked walking over to me.

I was in the library reading some books, the school management had decided to clear her pending result for her while setting a date for me to rewrite my own paper. I wasn’t really happy at first but then, Dr Marwan told me it is better than carrying over the course again…

“Yusuf, I am asking you!” Fatimah said.

“Oh, sorry dear…” I huffed with a smile and continued. “I haven’t seen him yet”

“Like seriously?” She dropped her jaw.

“Yes” I said with my eyes fixed at her. “Why asking about him all the time?”

Honestly, she had never stopped asking about him ever since we resumed three weeks back. And as for me, I didn’t care about him anymore. He had chose to be unserious. The last time I called him, he told me to just let him be for God’s sake!

“Yusuf, you won’t understand” She said and continued. “I just hope it isn’t about what happened last semester ending…”

“What if it is? You did the right thing, dear. Just forget about him” I uttered.

“Hmm, okey then” She said as she went through her bag. “Here, I bought you a donut and… a can coke along the way”

“Awwn, thank you dear” I collected the donut first and gave it a bite. “Yummy!” I opened the coke and gulped it. “Wow!”

“See how hungry you are, did you even eat before coming? Don’t lie!” She said.

“No, I didn’t” I said with my mouth so full. “This donut is delicious, thanks!”

“Yeah, it is” She smiled. “Let me be going, I am having lectures yanzu”

“Oh, okey. Thanks, Fatimah” I said.

“You are welcome, Yusuf” She uttered, hence bade me goodbye and then left.

Ever since that day, yes… that day that I met Fatimah in Dr Marwan’s office, we had been close to eachother like couple. We used to chat and also call eachother. It was like a miracle, and I never knew she would let me follow her to Qudrah’s house. I truly wished I could tell Adnan this story, he would be so mad for sure.

After eating the donut Fatimah bought me, I took the last gulp of the can coke and threw the can into the dustbin. It was great having a girlfriend… I mean, a female friend like Fatimah. Beautiful and kind. Hmm, and also hot. I smiled.

When it was time for my own lecture, I returned all the books that I took to their respective shelves before going out of the library… into the scorching sun. And while walking to the lecture venue, someone summoned me from behind. It was Suleiman, and he was with Isah and some of our colleagues.

“Where are you guys coming back from?” I said as soon as we greeted eachother. They were 8 in number.

“From Adnan’s house, he fell sick since yesterday according to lubna” Isah said.

“Sick? Ban gane ba” I puzzled.

“Wallahi he’s sick” Suleiman chimed in.

“But… but what is wrong with him?” I stuttered wondering what it could be.

“Fever I guess” Suleiman said

“Yes, but no one told us” Rabiat chimed in. “You can visit him after our lecture”

“Alright then” I heaved a sigh.

Just then, we spotted Dr Lailah walking so fast to the lecture venue. No one had to tell us to run into the hall before her, it was a fast and furious into the hall! And just as she entered the hall as well, she shut the door and gave us number.

After the two–hours–lecture, I pulled my phone out of my pocket and called Fatimah. “AsSalama Alaykum…” I said immediately she picked the call. “Are you still in school please?” I enquired.

“Wa’alaykumus Salam. No, I am already home wallahi. Any problem?” She said.

“Not really, but I heard Adnan is sick and I would like us to visit him” I said.

“Sick? Subhanallah!” She squealed.

“Yes, so ya zamuyi yanzu?” I said.

“Eh, I think you should come and get me. Let me prepare myself” She said.

“Okey, but I don’t know your house” I said brushing my hair with my hand.

“Come to Luxury Quarters, our house number is 63. Stay by the gate, do not knock or even horn please” She said.

“Alright, dear” I smiled.

“Okey” She said and then ended the call.

As happy as I was, I swiftly walked to my car in the parking lot and ignited the engine into action. Today, I would be knowing Fatimah’s house. Wow, it really felt great. How fast was I now becoming closer to her? Even more than Adnan! I smiled mischievously, and kept smiling throughout the drive until I was finally by their gate. Just then, the smile on my face went away.

The gate was very big and had the logo of Bulama Cooperation on it. And that could only mean that Fatimah Bulama was the daughter of Alhaji Aliyu, the CEO of Bulama Cooperation — a company best known for it cement and paint production, also one of our biggest rivals in the cement market. If only I knew she was his daughter right from the beginning, I wouldn’t have literally associated myself with her!


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