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John bent to his boots and took out a revolver pistol. While he was getting up, stretching his hand so as to hand over the gun to Damalie, I heard two gunshots. I then saw John drop to the ground bleeding and heard Damalie say;

“Am sorry John but you already knew too much which you were not supposed to know. Bad things happen to good people always but nobody cares; you were a good cop John but we did not come this far just to quit. Someone has to be blamed for Christina’s death or else her father will have us all rot in jail, I am not ready for that.”

Damalie then put her gun back in her belt and took the revolver which John was holding and checked if it was loaded. She then corked it and pointed it at me then said;

“You have witnessed me shoot my junior in cold blood, I cannot afford to leave a witness alive. I must make it look like John’s fault. John shot you then I shot him trying to defend you and case closed! Am sorry Haman but you have to die as well.”

I did not know where I got the strength but I could not just lie there and wait for my death; I got up all of a sudden and jumped towards her but she pulled the trigger before I could get to her and I got hit on my left shoulder. I dropped to the ground and started kicking like someone who was about to die. She was about to put another bullet through my skull when she heard footsteps running towards the room.

She quickly placed the revolver back to John’s hand and took out her duty gun. Just then Lizzie and Chris accompanied by one guard kicked the door open.

“We heard gunshots in here, what is going on?” The guard asked panting.

Just then Lizzie saw John lying on the ground on a pool of blood and I was lying beside the bed with blood oozing from my left shoulder; she began screaming.

“What is going on here?” The guard asked again.

Damalie could not shoot them all so she decided to put the blame on John.

“Haman was confessing something which John was involved in so John decided to shoot him to cover up and he was about to shoot me as well but I was fast enough to put a bullet in him before he could take me out.” Damalie lied.

Lizzie came to where I was lying and felt my pulse then went to John and felt his pulse too.

“They are both alive but John’s pulse is weak, Edwin go get me my first aid kit. Davis, put pressure on Haman’s shoulders as I try to remove the bullets from Officer John.” Lizzie said as she gave the Senior guard a towel.

Davis, popularly know as Mwamu was the boss in charge of Teyie’s security. He took the towel and knelt beside me and said;

“I know you feel scared right now because you almost got killed but I need you to calm down and take deep breaths. When I went for my first army mission, I got shot and trust me, I understand perfectly well how you are feeling right now but I promise you that everything will be alright.”

I was so traumatized, I just stared at him not saying not even a single word. Edward came back with Lizzie’s first aid box and she began giving John first aid.

Damalie was in a dilemma since both of the witnesses she tried eliminating were alive and had a chance of survival, she decided to come up with plan B. She called one of her men and asked him to bring the police ambulance since she wanted to eliminate both John and I before we got to the hospital.

“I have called the ambulance, it is on it’s way.” She said.

“How far is it?” Davis asked.

“Twenty minutes away.” She replied.

“They are losing too much blood, we have to get them to the hospital fast enough.” Lizzie said.

“That’s the nearest ambulance, we have no choice but to wait. You guys try to stabilize them .” Damalie replied.

Mwamu being an ex military intelligence, he could see that the whole situation was not adding up. Where John was lying and where I was lying, there was no way John could have fired that shot and hit my left shoulder and miss my heart. Being a trained cop, that was not a position one would miss; Davis got suspicious.

“I will take them to the hospital, help me carry them to the car.” Davis said.

“I wouldn’t advice that sir since an ambulance is more convenient when it comes to traffic jam.” Damalie replied.

“Ma’am, with all due respect I am the one in charge here so let me do my job.” Davis said.

“But this young man has a case to answer, I cannot let him get out of my sight!” Damalie replied.

“Talk to your boss, let them arrange for his protective custody but I am not going to stand here and watch them die as we wait for an ambulance.” Davis replied getting pissed off.

Damalie did not want to push any further to avoid raising suspicions, she just stepped aside and Mwamu together with Mwaura and Nurse L. Wairimu took us to Laxsmart hospital. Mwaura was not contended with Damalie’s fake story; when he got to the hospital, he asked the doctor to recommend John to the ICU and restrict any access to the ICU. As for me, I was taken to the surgery room to have the bullet removed.

Half an hour later, Damalie showed up; she was carrying an envelope. She walked into the room where Mwamu and I were and said to Davis;

“Here is a court warrant, he is now under my custody.”

“Well ma’am, actually I have already called your boss and he is on his way coming.” Davis replied.

Damalie did not seem happy, Davis was always a step ahead of her. Few minutes later, her boss arrived; I could not believe my eyes to see Christina’s dad wearing the police commander uniform, my whole body began sweating…


Continues in the next Episode.

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