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“That reminds me I was to ask you, were you sleeping with all the girls you played that video game with?” I asked curiously.

“To be honest with you, I only slept with two whom were my girls but now are my ex girlfriends. 99% of all those girls you saw, they were the girls I was helping in the streets. For the boys, I would setup a video game centre for them or a fun centre for then to have fun then I would invite the girls over and play the video game with them since I needed my neighbours to think of me as a Playboy. We used to put the avatar’s voice high intentionally just to get into your minds” He replied smiling.

I had barely said another word when the door opened and two cops in full uniform walked in being led by Lizzie.

“Haman, these gentlemen wants to see you.” Wairimu said.

My body began shaking, the destiny I was running away from had caught up with me. Mwaura just got off the bed and together with Lizzie, they left me in the room with the two cops.

The two cops walked in and one of them sat beside me on the bad, she was wearing a different uniform from her male counterpart and she seemed friendly. She smiled at me and asked;

“You are Haman, right?”

“Yes, that’s my name, am I in trouble.” I replied trembling.

“My name is Lieutenant Damalie and he is officer John. Do you know why we are here?” She asked.

“No ma’am, I have no idea.” I replied.

“If you don’t mind me asking, how did you end up here?” She asked.

“I got hit by a car and when I woke up, I found myself here. The nurse told me that the owner of this place was the one who accidentally hit me.” I replied.

“From what I understand, you were running away from something, what was that?” She asked in a polite way.

“I don’t recall.” I said.

Damalie then changed her face all of a sudden, stared at me with threatening eyes and said;

“Look here boy, we don’t have time to play games! It’s either you tell me what exactly happened or I arrest you.”

I began trembling; her sudden change of face and tone got me scared. Nevertheless, I could not confess to my own sentence, I was ready to go to any depth to defend myself; I told her that I had no idea what had happened.

“One of the witnesses said that he heard you fire a gun before you took off, where is that gun you used?” She asked.

All of a sudden her question triggered some anger in me after I recalled that Christina was killed by a cop after she resisted arrest, I just lost my temper

“If I had a gun, do you really think I would shoot Christina and leave Sam? If you wish, shoot me as well like your men shot my girlfriend but I am not confessing to something I never did.” I replied angrily.

“Oh! Good. So now you know what I am talking about huh?” She asked sarcastically.

“I am saying no more to you until I get a lawyer so you can go to hell I don’t care.” I replied angrily.

“Very well then, you will be the one going to hell. Haman, you are under arrest for the murder of Christina and the attempted murder of Sam. You have the right to remain silent or whatever you say can and shall be used against you in a court of law. You are entitled to the right of having an attorney but if you cannot afford one, the state will provide for you. Do you understand your rights?” Lieutenant Damalie said then asked.

I just stared at her in despise the folded all my right fingers and left the middle finger unfolded and showed it to her.

“John, handcuff this useless idiot, he is coming with us.” She said to the other cop in an angry tone.

“Ma’am am sorry but I am not going to obey your order. What you are doing is wrong and against the ethics of what we swore to do.” Off icer John replied after seeing how helpless I was.

“How dare you defile a direct order?” Damalie asked in an aggressive manner.

“I swore to serve with honour and justice; I am not getting my hands dirty just to please you ma’am.” John replied calmly.

“For defiling a direct order from your commanding officer, you are hereby subjected to immediate dismissal from duty and you stand to face judgement. Hand over your budge, armory and handcuff yourself, you are under arrest as well. I have the right to take you in being your commanding officer so it is my duty to see you punished for defiling my order John” She said to officer John as she took out her gun.

John took off his budge, armory belt and crown and gave it to her then said;

“I will hand in the uniform at the station, I rather face judgement than convict a young man with a bright future awaiting over a crime we both know he never committed and then I just be happy to have ruined his life; he is a victim and not a culprit and you know it Damalie.”

“I need your other gun in your boots as well John!” Damalie said pointing her gun at John as she ignored his words…..


Continues in the next Episode.

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