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Damalie saluted him then said;

“Sir, according to the confessions from the witnesses we have, we believe this was the guy who shot Christina and not Bosco. Actually one of the witnesses said that he saw him with a gun.”

“And who shot him?” Christina’s dad asked.

“Officer John tried to kill him so as to hide the truth but I stopped him, he is now in the ICU I suppose.” She replied.

“I don’t think this young man would shoot my daughter but I do not wish to meddle into this case. I want him alive, he must be taken to court and the court will prove him guilty or innocent. If this young man dies, you will be the one going to jail.” Christina’s dad said then left.

Just then the doctor walked in and said;

“I am really sorry guys to be the one telling you this but John did not make it.”

I could see the glow in Damalie’s face, she knew that with John out of her way, I did not stand a chance to ever win the case. She just walked out of the room and then another officer walked in; he was the one supposed to guard me. Davis left but promised to visit me later; Edwin and Lizzie were waiting in the car.

After two weeks, I was fit to face the law; I was taken to court. Damalie hired six fake witnesses and paid them to confess against me.

Definitely, she knew mine was just a confession with no evidence hence the court would tend to trust the witnesses more and not my confession. It was so surprising how she had coached all the six witnesses on what to say, I for sure did not stand a chance.

I tried telling the court about Damalie trying to shoot John and I but my confession was too weak to go against what was being confessed by Damalie and her hired witnesses; I just had no choice but to wait for my fate. I was about to be sentenced to a life imprisonment when Davis walked in accompanied by his boss, Mr. Teyie Bright.

“Your honour, we apologize for intruding but we have new evidence which is crucial for this case.” Davis said.

The court officer took the tablet which Davis was carrying and handed it over to the prosecution, Damalie froze.

The tablet had a CCTV footage recorded from the room which Damalie shot us; the prosecutor handed it over to the judge to see for herself.

“How sure can I be that this footage is original and not corrupted?” The Judge asked.

“Well, your honour, I think there is one witness who has not been called to the stands yet.” Mr. Teyie replied.

“From what I understand, all the six witnesses plus the arresting officer have all given their confessions!” The judge replied.

“As you can see from that video, they were two cops in my house. When Davis told me about the incident, I did all I could for justice to prevail. With all due respect your honour, I kindly ask you to allow this one witness give his confession.” Mr. Teyie replied.

“Fine, bring the witness.” The judge said.

The guard at the door then brought in the last witness, everyone in the court including me was left shocked after the witness walked in, I could not believe my eyes. John was alive, he was the witness Davis had come with.

“Am I seeing a ghost?!” Damalie asked perplexed.

“I told you Damalie, whatever you do in darkness shall one day come to light, today is that day.” John replied as he walked to the stands.

Damalie all of a sudden pulled out her gun and corked it. She then pointed the gun to her head and pulled the trigger splashing her brains allover the courtroom. The case was dismissed and Damalie’s fiance, the cop earlier arrested for the murder of Christina was convicted. Christina’s dad found out that Damalie was trying to frame me up so that her fiancé would not be convicted.

Two days after the incident, I decided to ask Davis how comes John was still alive yet I witnessed the doctor announce his death.

“I knew this woman was up to no good hence I asked the doctor for a favour and fake John’s death so as to protect him. Her reaction when the doctor told us the news was what made me know that she was a dirty cop hence I decided to play her in her own game and that was when I raised my concerns to her boss hence keeping you safe from her. She could not eliminate you because her boss had given her orders to keep you alive and since she thought that John was dead, she played her game as I expected her to.” Davis said.

“Sir, you are a genius. Thank you for saving my life.” I replied smiling.

By now I could walk on my own. I was surprised to see Mwikali come to visit me that evening. She pretended not to have ever met me before and Teyie had to introduce use to each other.

“Haman, having gone through your records, I have decided to give you a job in one of my companies; I need someone to do editing in my publishing company.” Teyie said while we were seated for dinner.

Mwikali looked at me and winked then I smiled and said;

“Thank you sir but I am in my final year in school; I am still a student.”

“I know that, you can begin working after you are done with school, I don’t have a problem with that.” He replied with a light smile.

He then took out car keys and said;

“These are for you, I have decided to gift you the Range Rover which made me meet you.”

At first I thought I was dreaming. The car which had hit me was just two months old and he just gave it to me as if it was an handkerchief. Mwaura looked at me, smiled, then nodded his head to indicate to me that I should accept his brother’s offer. I took the car keys and said thank you like a million times.

After dinner, Edwin asked me to take him for a ride in his car. That was my first time to see Mwaura’s car; it was the most amazing car I had ever seen, it’s tyres were just glowing like a deem coloured bulb in the dark…


Continues in the next Episode.

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