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??Nicklaus POV??

I was extremely angry to hear that Morgana was in my kingdom, seems she got guts huh.

“Where was she seen last?”. I asked my personal guard.

“The black market sir but she might be taking her leave now”. He Replied me.

“Where are the fighter jets?”. I asked.

“They’re in position sir, there’s no way she’ll escape with her crew”. He Said.

“Good, land the jet, over there”. I said pointing out through the window.

My pilot drift to the left with the jet and successfully landed.

I bounced out as the stairs projected out, i didn’t wait for it as i jumped out.

I landed on the ground and took off my shades.

“Have the men to search all perimeter in the black market”. I shouted.

My personal guard led the guards out all armed with electric sub machine gun.

That was when a pink Jet flew past us.

“That’s the jet”. My guard shouted.

I fvcking wait for no jet as i conjured fire from my body.

I flew up and dashed after the plane.

Ahead was my fighter jet as they fired missiles at Morgana’s jet but the pilot seem to be skilled. I charged my System with more fire as i dived and caught the wing of the jet.

I climbed to the top and with my bear hands tore upon the roof.

A great deal of ice hits me and he landed on the roof.

That Was When She jumped out and landed on the roof.

????Morgana's POV??

“Oh my Geez, the Prince Of Persia is here “. I said mockingly.

Nicklaus seems to get angry the more as he bounced back to her feet.

” You shouldn’t have step your feet on this Kingdom you know “. He Said Angrily.

” Says who? The idiotic prince? “. I asked with eyes opened.

He charged at me with all fury but i flee over and landed behind him, tried kick him but he caught my leg and wanting to throw me off board.

Not so easy as i roared frost on him turning him into sculpture.

I knew it wasn’t gonna last, I walked to kick him but a missile hits my he causing me to lose my stamina.

The ice melts from Nicklaus body and he smiled wickedly.

Yeah, Morgana’s frost or icy kiss are nothing to him.

I’ll just waste a kiss as he has the ability to melt it off.

Trying to regain my stamina, he grabbed me off the jet and we kept exchanging punches in the air until we crashed on the ground.

I groaned and staggered back to my feet.

Well i don’t have time for Klaus right now, i came for something else and i can’t risk the goods on the get getting damaged.

He was trying to get up when i iced him and flew back to my jet.

??Nicklaus POV??

I shook off the ice and watched as her jet flew out of the kingdom.

I was really angry with my self.

Spent all my energy having s*x with a woman and now i looked like a puppet in front of Morgana. Had little strength to fight her.

Even though she was immortal, that means i couldn’t kill her, i had plans to imprison her, somewhere she can’t escape.

My jet lands in front of me and my guard rushed out.

“My prince”. He Said.

“Keep shut Abruzzi, just an ordinary jet your men couldn’t take down”. I shouted.

“Sir, the pilot seems to be…”.

“Be a what?.. The next time such mistake is made I’ll serve you your fingers on a tray”. I said and climbed the stairs.

I could see fear in their faces. Just what I wanted.

That Was what i always do, i don’t accept am the cause of a failure.

I found my way into one of the seat and the pilot took off.

Getting to the Palace i was i formed that my father wants to see me.

Seriously? Dad hates me like a plague so for whatever reason he awaits my presence then it’s nothing good.

Found my way into his chamber and knelt with my heads bow.

“You want to see me father”. I said.

“No, i want you talk into that empty skull of yours”. He shouted and then i knew i was in for trouble.

“Father”. I said raising to my feet slowly.

“You idiot you want to ruin the peace in this land, what were you thinking to wage war against Morgana?”. He Asked angrily.

“This is the last time am going to warn you son, stop this stupidity, you can’t kill her neither can she kill you, i thought you have let go of the grudges but you were waiting for her to step into the kingdom”.

“How does that affect you father? This is between Morgana and i?”. I said angrily.

“You dare not speak back at me son, do you how many people dies every time you fight, you know what, you’re hereby restricted from Commanding the fighter jets”. Father said and i was so shocked And angry that I spoke something i regretted of.

“F--k you father, d--n!”. I shouted and then i knew i was doom.

Father could bear anything i say to his face but not when i use Swear words.

My father disappeared and i swallowed hard the saliva in my mouth.

He appeared before me and touched me.

I guess i forgot to tell that my father had teleportation powers.

I appeared in a prison and tried to use my powers but it didn’t work.

“Am sorry father”. I shouted holding on to the iron gate but i knew my screams wouldn’t reach where he was..

Do place was called the prison of damnation.

Here i can’t use my powers, that means no escaping.

????Elisa's POV??

i returned back to the Palace only to discover father had imprisoned Nicklaus.

I broke down in tears and couldn’t stop crying.

My boyfriend was kidnapped by some hooligan at the outskirt of the kingdom and sooner or later they were gonna kill him.

Klaus was my hope as i returned confidently to the Palace but my brother was locked up.

I dared not beg my father else he’ll throw me into prison too.

I loved Daniel, i needed to save before they kill him.

Why didn’t i have powers like everyone else in the family, maybe its because am the last child in the royal family.

I walked slowly toward Nicholas’s room.

Nicholas was the second child and an enemy of Nicklaus.

I hope he listens to me, my fears was his pervert attitude, he always want to have s*x every woman he sets his eyes on.

Even me, his sister, he didn’t care committing Incest, he tried to lure me a certain time but Nicklaus gave him an unforgettable torture.

I knocked gently on the door and he Peeped out.

“Hey sister, i heard your boyfriend is in prison”. He Said.

When he said boyfriend, he actually meant Nicklaus not Daniel.

“I need your help”. I said.

“Well you could come in”. He whispered.

“Don’t Worry, am fine here”.

“Good”. He Said staring seductively at me.

I pushed him and walked away.

Asking for Nicholas help was a bad idea i guess.

Now I was left with two choice. I ask for mother’s help or Shania, my half sister.

No, definitely not Shania, She’s jealous because Klaus protect me so….

“Elisa!”. I heard my name and turned back slowly.

I was shocked to see Shania practicing magic between the two large pillars in the Palace..

“Nicklaus is not here to save you, you know”. I heard her say as she catwalks toward me.

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