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Elisa's POV

“What do you want Shania?”. I asked moving back.

“You sound scared sissy, are you alright?”. She asked walking toward me.

“Stay back Shania, i want no trouble”. I said.

She Snapped her finger and a sword appeared.

I gasped and she chuckled wickedly.

“I was with no sword and you were afraid so what happens when i hold one”. She said and threw the sword away.

“um. I’ll just take my leave”. I stammered wanting to walk away.

“Not so fast Elisa, you want something don’t you”. She Asked.

I turned back slowly and nodded.

“Nicklaus is in jail so you seek a new guard”.. She said and i frowned.

“I love that face sis. What do you want?”. She Asked.

“My boyfriend was kidnapped and i….”. I was saying and she cuts in sharply.

“You want me to rescue him?”.

I nodded slowly.

“Good let’s make a deal”.

“What deal?”. I asked.

“You get brother Nicklaus to fall in love with me and I will do whatever you want”. She said licking her lips.

“What did you just say?”. I asked.

“You heard me right sissy”. She said.

“Klaus loves everyone in the family, it’s you guys who hates him”. I shouted.

“You should know the love i talk about Elisa, the way he loves you, you know….”. She said and stood in front on me.

“You know am beginning to suspect you guys do the thing you know”. She said winking.

“What’s Wrong with you Klaus is your brother “. I shouted.

” Half brother…do you know how long i have my eyes on him…. “. She Whispered into my ear.

I pushed her away angrily.

” You’re such a pervert and a jerk “. I shouted and ran as fast as I could.

Shania would kill me if i lingered in her presence.

Now i was left with one option, I’ll go save him my self.

That’s stupid i got no powers but maybe i could threaten the kidnappers to let go of Daniel. I thought as i entered into my Lamborghini vehicle, i started the ignition and rode away speedily.

??Morgana's POV

I paced around in anger as i discovered that one of the weapons i bought from the black market had fallen of the jet during the attack.

Nicklaus must pay for this, yes he must pay for it.

“Where’s my mother?”. I asked Damon my personal guard.

“She left for a meeting at the council”. He Said.

“Good timing”. I whispered.

“What do you want ma’am?”. Damon asked me.

“Prepare all fighters we’re going to capture that son of a b---h”. I shouted.

??Nicklaus POV??

There i was in the prison, alone with rats who were my companion.

This was all Morgana’s fault and when am out of here, She’s gonna pay for it.

I was sketching out my plan with a piece of pen on the ground when i heard footsteps.

I rose my head and saw Abruzzi coming down the stairs with a pair of key.

Aha as i always say, my guards ain’t to protect me but to do my dirty jobs.

“Where’s my father?”. I asked as he unlocked the door.

“He’s off to a meeting at the council”.He said and i nodded.

I walked out and felt my powers return back to me.

“Have you sent someone to pick my sister?”. I asked climbing the stairs.

“Yes but i don’t think she’s in the Palace right now”. Abruzzi said and i paused.

“Where’s she?”. I asked.

“The Last time I saw her she was speaking with your sister”. Abruzzi said.

I smelt something fishy and i decided to investigate it.

When was the last time Elisa spoke with Shania?

I walked into Shania’s chamber where she practiced magic and there she was playing with a python that have been induced with magic.

She was facing the wall so she didn’t actually see me.

Maybe she heard my footsteps.

“Seems you finally choose to take my offer Elisa”. She said.

“What offer?”. I asked and she froze.

“Where’s my sister?”. I shouted in anger.

“What do i have to do with Elisa brother? She’s your sister not mine”. She spat out.

“One more word from and I’ll cut out that filthy tongue of yours”. I said and saw her shook in fear.

“Am gonna ask for the last time where is my sister or you know better what i can do?”. I threatened.

“She said her boyfriend was kidnapped and wanted someone to help him, i guess she went to save him”. She replied.

“Why didn’t you help her?”.

“K guess you forgot you were same person who instructed me not to get close to your sister, that was evil right?”. She said with a wicked smile.

I felt like ripping her into two at that very spot.

I dashed out of the room with full speed, Elisa must be in danger.

????Elisa's POV

I didn’t have the guts to ask my mother for help so i went by myself with hopes of threatening the kidnapper.

I entered into the place and they all pointed their guns at me.

“What are you gonna do? Kill the king’s daughter, he’s gonna kill all of you, my brother Nicklaus Is on his way here so if you love your lives let go of him now”. I threatened even though i knew Klaus wasn’t coming.

To my out most surprise they burst into laughter.

Everyone in the kingdom knows everything about the royal family, your parent care no shit about you and your over protective brother is currently behind bars “. The man who seem to be their leader said.

Oh my God, did i just walk into the lion’s den all by myself.

I turned and made to run but two of them grabbed me by the hand.

They were five of them in the room all armed with several weapons.

” Why don’t we have a taste of the king’s daughter?”. The leader said and they laughed.

Two of them grabbed my hands down to the table and the other two my legs.

I struggled had but they were stronger that I.

They pulled off my cloths and i was on bra, they tried pulling off my tight trouser when the head of their leader detached from the neck.

“That’s the last time you’ll ever see”. A voice echoed in the room and the light went off.

In the twinkle of an eye it returned and there laid the men, dead with their heads decapitated.

That Was When i saw Nicklaus cleaning his royal sword with the curtain.

He slides it into his sheath and turned to me.

“You shouldn’t have come alone you know”. He said.

I hugged him tightly pressing my chest against his.

“Klaus? “. I whispered.

“Nice b**b”. He whispered and i punched his hand playfully.

That Was Nicklaus, he could say all the dirty thing he wants to say but having sex with his sister was far of him.

That’s why i trust him, than any other person in the family.

I loosed my boyfriend from the chair and kissed him in excitement.

Nicklaus handed over a key to Daniel and we wondered what the key was for.

“It’s dangerous living out here, Dana Street, That’s a key to my Bungalow on that street, you could live there”. Nicklaus said and walked out.

“Where are you off to brother?”. I asked, Klaus wouldn’t just leave like that.

“Morgana was Sighted heading for the kingdom with her army”. He Said.

“So…?”. I asked but he snubbed me.

“Tell Me Nicklaus what happened to you guys, you were lovers?”. I said and his countenance changed.

I could see anger, fury, destruction every negatively all written in his red eyes.

“You Don’t Need To know”. He Said And flew over.

Nicklaus and Morgana were lovers since childhood and promised to get married so they could merge the two Kingdom together.

He often sneaked out of the kingdom to see Morgana while i covered for him, they grew up with the unbending love not until one day when Nicklaus returned home with fury after going to visit her.

Right from that day they’ve been on constant war, no one could unravel the cause and whenever i Asked Klaus he did what he always do.

Red eyes and angry words at me.

Morgana was my best friend but she hated me ever since the war between Klaus and her.

The last time i checked on her in Amazon, she Threatened to kill me if she ever sets her eyes on me.

Two immortals trying to kill themselves, that’s the craziest thing on planet Kepler.

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