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??Nicklaus POV??

My private Jet lands on the outskirt of the kingdom and the stairs projected out. My sister lead the the way as we bounced out and the stairs closed up like a door.

“Your boyfriend lives on this village?”. I asked taking off my shades.

“It’s not a village Klaus, he just choose not to leave inside the kingdom”. Elisa replied me.

“Really?”. I said and turned to my pilot.

“Fly around”. I shouted.

Elisa gave me that cold stare.

She was afraid to ask me not to hurt her boyfriend but she knows me too well already.

“Let’s go”. I said and walking forward.

“Klaus!” “. She called and i turned back.

” Please i just need you beg him “. She said.

What did she just say? Did she forget that Prince Nicklaus begs no one?

Oh well….

I took off my jacket and threw it off

which she caught.

” Sure “. I whispered forcing a smile.

???Elisa's POV

Right now i was scared to my toes.

I only wanted Nicklaus to have a peaceful conversation with my boyfriend Daniel but i actually forgot Klaus settles nothing with anyone.

He deals with you until you’re ready to yield to whatever he says.

I couldn’t beg him as that would elevate his anger.

I saw the gun tucked inside his belt and i gasped.

There was only one reason Klaus would take off his royal Jacket.

I raised my head up slowly and there was Klaus already Approaching the bungalow.

“Klaus”. I shouted running after him.

He kicked open the door of the building and entered.

Fear grip me as i increase my pace to catch up with him.

?Daniel POV?

I was playing chess with my friends as usual.

I gamble a lot as i could maneuver my way to win the game.

We were interrupted as the door dropped down and there stood the prince of Persia.

Fear gripped me at that moment.

The prince hardly leaves the Palace except he needed to settle scores with someone.

That was when i remembered i had broken up with his sister that day.

Elisa was my girlfriend for about two years now and i actually loved her but my parents have a different view.

They want me to let go of her saying the royal family were wicked individuals.

Had no choice than to let go of her but seems the evil brother was here to take his pound of flesh.

“I can see you’re celebrating!”. He roared and the men in the room shivered.

Everyone fears the immortal prince.

“My prince”. I said quickly but that didn’t stop him from grabbing me to the wall.

??Elisa's POV??

I rushed into the room and i saw Nicklaus grabbed Daniel to the wall.

If I said I was shocked then am a terrible liar.

I expected nothing less, now the worse awaits Daniel.

I pitied him but i couldn’t lie to Nicklaus, he was gonna find out if i lied and he was not gonna trust me again.

I preferred loosing Daniel than my dear brother.

“How dare you?”. Nicklaus roared and flung Daniel away.

?Daniel POV

I crashed roughly to the ground and groaned.

“Am sorry my prince it was only a prank”. I lied.

“You liar!”. I heard him scream and he kicked away the table that was an obstacle to him.

That was when i saw my friends pointing their guns at Elisa.

Oh no, threatening Nicklaus was proportional to digging your grave.

“Let go of him”. I heard them shout.

Elisa's POV

I wasn’t scared as the men pointed their guns at me.

Although am not immortal but they dared not to shoot me.

Nicklaus turned back slowly and erupt into laughter.

His eyes began to glow red and i knew the worst was about to happened.

He roared loudly and a wave of fire from his mouth threw the men outside.

They landed on the ground and some died instantly. The rest ran helter skater trying to put off the fire on their bodies.

Ops! I actually forgot to tell the power Nicklaus wield.

He wield the power of fire so weapons looked like toys to him.

He consumed whoever he wanted and no one questions him.

“Please! I swear i was only pranking her, i still love her, She’s still my girlfriend”. I heard Daniel screaming.

I didn’t know what to believe, maybe he was saying the truth or……..

A Young Lady catwalks from one of the Room in the building and Nicklaus retreats from Daniel slowly.

She was only on bra and a bum shot, Daniel’s sister.

This was Klaus weakness, beautiful ladies.

“Why don’t you let go of my brother and have me?”. She said licking her lips seductively.

She came to Daniel’s rescue and Klaus fell for her body already.

“Oh well, you know you don’t have to tell me”. I heard him whispered.

Before i could say ba, he grabbed her and kissed her roughly pushing her into the room.

The door banged close and i gasped.

Daniel staggered up and his face had bruises.

“Am sorry”. He Said in tears.

I hugged him tightly and rubbed his back.

“Am sorry too”. I whispered into his ear.


????Morgana's POV

The crowd gave way as i marched into the hall where my mother was passing a speech to the citizens.

I was on a black coat whose collar projected up to to my face. My lips was painted red and my ear lashes black not excluding the short skirt i wore which exposed my laps making me look like the daughter of Lucifer.

“I love you Morgana”. I heard a voice by my left and i paused turning around slowly.

There was he, the young man in the crowd.

I smiled softly.

“How about i blow ? you a kiss?”. I asked.

Everyone kept quite knowing the repercussion but that dude who seem to be a stranger in the kingdom shouted.

“Give it to me princess”.

Oh well, i turned to where he was and blew a kiss at him, the frost from my mouth iced him up and i walked toward my mom.

There was a kind of murmur from the crowd but who cares.

Not even my mom has the gut to question whatever i do.

“Am off to Persia mom”. I whispered into her ear.

“Stay safe dear”. She said and kissed me on the fore head.

I turned back and tranquility ensured immediately.

Aha princess Morgana the she demon in disguise.


Elisa's POV

I reconciled with Daniel and he confessed to me that it was the idea of his parent to break up with me, we then resolved to keep our relationship hidden from people, with that his parent ain’t gonna know sh*t about us.

But where the heck was Nicklaus?

I could groans and moans from the room and anger boiled in my System.

Well What could i do? I brought my brother to resolve a problem but right now he’s making out with a lady, change of plan i guess.

“Am going home Klaus”. I shouted as the moans died down.

“Wait a sec”. I heard his voice from the room.

He walked out putting on his cloth and i shook my head negatively.

He turned to Daniel like he was gonna continue from where he stopped.

“We’ve settled Klaus. Can we go home now? “. I asked.

“The next time you break up with my sister, they’ll be no mercy”. He threatened.

“Says who? The one who was got crazy for a woman’s beauty”. I thought.

He Turned slowly to me and i threw his royal jacket.

He caught it and put it on.

“Sure”. He Said and we walked out.

His private jet landed and the stairs projected out.

His personal guard hurried out followed by five other guards.

“She’s in the kingdom sir”. I heard the personal guard say.

“Who?”. Klaus asked.

“Morgana my Prince, her jet was seen flying into the city”.

I could see anger and fury on Klaus face as he clenched his fist.

“Instruct all fighter jets to assemble in the sky, right away”. He shouted.

“But sir the king is around, he wouldn’t authorize that “. I heard on the guard saying..

Nicklaus turned to him and burned him to ash with the fire from his hand.

I gasped and took few steps back.

” Stay here “. He Said And i nodded.

I watched as he got into his jet and i took off.

I stood on that spot wondering why the two immortal were after each other.

Morgana was called the daughter of Lucifer and Nicklaus son of the devil.

I actually wonder what’s the difference between Lucifer and Devil?

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