Hell Gate - S01 E03

2 months ago

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Under the roof of competent jurisdiction

the press roared like a wounded lions

with their pens, men of Jury bear the fury

of hate delude of smile, I have decided

on argumentum ad miscerandium


will there be room for pity, am not even

upto 18years to be kept in the cell. but my

little hope to be taken to juvenile court

was crushed by my own uncle who presented

false birth certificate, my head spinned.

I tried to cry but cry is tired of me and there

are no longer tears in my eyes. doctor report

is presented showing envidence of forceful

penetration, the Jezebel herself testified

against me, “he has been raping me ever

since my dad took him in, he will threaten

me that he will kill me if I reveal it to anyone,

I was scared, I came to his room to tell

him about the pregnancy test result.

and he

rap…e me..” she wailed, my head burns

with so many lies, I couldn’t take it anymore

I passed out, I was revived to defend

myself without a lawyer to defend me.

what do they want me to say when everyone

in the court room want my head to be chopped

off, I was sentenced to 24years in prison

with hard labor. I lived days in a darkroom

my dreams crushed, my life make no sense

to me, working on the field every now and

then without been paid, or a better meal

for nutrient, I forgot my dream of being

a doctor. cause I know this is the end of

the road, days turns into Months I don’t

even know when the year ended cause time

is of no importance to me “happy new year,

everyone” the warder in charge informed

us, one of those days the full moonlight

find a way to my prison room, if the moonlight

can be source of light in darkness, there

is light in my dark life also, I began disturbing

those warders in charge of us to get me

books that has to do with medicine, indeed

he brought many text books in turn I help

him out in his studies, he is doing his master

then, 5 years in the prison didn’t go waste

without me holding a tiny hope of becoming

a doctor, during my fifth year in the prison I was

released from prison. I was confused

at first, I was told that I have been proven

innocent from the charges that hold me in

jail, the thing is am 21years and I don’t

know where I will go from under the scorch





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