Hell Gate - S01 E02

2 months ago

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I never forget the slums for once, I always visit

there to see my friends, Poppy Mama is

terribly sick and I know she won’t survive

the illness, she died a Month later.

she didn’t

even wait for me to fulfil my promises to

her. Cruel world, any money I have I send it

to Rex and Anthony to rgister in school

and further their education, they won scholarship

too to finish their Secondary education.

when I received the letter I was so happy.

I remembered the dream we shared Rex

always dreamt to be a lawyer and Anthony

he wants to be a cop, I always see the need to

be a doctor, to save life is what I want to

do and I am determined to offer free

medical care to the homeless roaming

in our streets. Then we will set out to look for

books in the waste bin, or visit homes to beg

for books in any form to read, many kindhearted

people will give us books and many people

will rather burn their old books than to give us.

any money given to me I sent it to my friends,

we visited libraries together to read and research.

we all have the same goal but different dreams.

Anytime Chief and his wife travelled Jezebel will

host orgy in the mansion with her friends.

disturbing my reading section, the most annoying

is Chief wife who I escaped her advances

many times, I don’t know why Chief is cursed

with such Pharaoh’s wife. I was in my room reading

when Jezebel came to my room and locked the door,

she starked herself naked before me asking

me to have sex with her, I refused to do what she demanded

she start crying and shouting “please

don’t rape me” Chief opened the door with

spare key, without hearing the part of my

story, I was arrested and thrown into darkness

I was beaten by the police like someone

who killed the president of the country to

confess crime that I know nothing about.

my in-mates also did the same thing Judging

me as if they are God, asking me why

did I rape the good daughter of a kindman.

the entire City cried out for my head,

no one wants to associate with me, I was banned

to receive visitors, I was taken to another

cell that I won’t see any form of light.

I was arranged for court, differnt lawyers

visited me to help me out and won’t return. those who came twice didn’t return

another time again, WAEC result was published

I had As in all my subjects, I was shown

by Chief and he promised me to never use it,

I cried that day, my friends didn’t even visit

me, darkness and beaten is the only comfort

for my wounded soul, politicians promised

Justice to Chief to obtain favor from him

for the upcoming elections, lawmakers

seat to extend, jail sentence for rape, tears

drop from my eyes, what a world for the helpless.





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