Hell Gate - S01 E04

2 months ago

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I stood under the sun for twenty minutes

confused on what to do, I saw fleet of cars

coming to where I was standing, I know is

Chief that has come to end me lawlessly, but

I saw two strange men who rush to hug me

I was confused. So is Rex and Anthony

that set me free, I was taken in by both of

them seeing to my care, I wrote jamb and

scored highly, had admission to study my

dream course, 5years later I achieved

a little of my dream, I became a practitioner.

I owned a very big private hospital in the City,

I took my relations to court those who

took the properties of my late parents,

my parents property were confiscated

by the court, they used their savings to fight

against me, but with the help of barrister

Rex I won the case. Everything is given

back to me, I expand my parents multi billionaire

companies, I became extremely rich giving

mansions to homeless roaming in the streets.

I award scholarships, I build standard

private schools for the helpless, provide

free medical cares, feed them properly

anyone who is homeless is my son, I trained

them, they became godheads in the society.

many of them became senators, governors,

Lawyers, teachers, doctors just like me.

I suffered from ebola during it out-break

I treated myself and discovered the antidote,

the virus attacked my village, I went there

to save lives but refused to treat my relatives

who left for the village when they can’t

afford living in the city, they died afterward,

I refused to attend their burial, the government

appointed me as a minister of health to

see to the eradication of the virus, Chief and

his wife were brought to my hospital to be

treated, I ordered they shouldn’t be attended

to, let their money take them to wherever

they can treat it, they eventually died.

I went to their burial to pay obeisance

to the man who was once my bedrock of success.

I met a prophet which made me regret

most of my actions, if I had listen I’d

not have taken vegeance that is only for our





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