Is Love A Crime - S02 E22

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After their Exam, they quietly move back to the hostel and packed their luggages as they walked out of the dormintory, while they were all going out they saw Ashley who was about to enter her dad car, when she spotted them she ran and hug Mama G tightly as she whisper to her ear.

“I will be coming back for you b---h”

Mama G wanted to react but she could not do anything due to presence of some security operatives in the school premises, Rosy Beauty turned and look at Angela who was at the school field waving at them.

ROSY BEAUTY: Even Angela that little brat has the mind to wave at us

LADY P: Don’t worry it is not yet over until it is over

MAMA G: Ashley is the one behind this, I will see what I can do to that girl

LADY P: Forget about Ashley, everything that had happen in this school is now in the past

MAMA G: But she just told me she is coming back for me

ROSY BEAUTY: Let’s see how the long vacation goes

As time went on, Angela forgive Cecilia and Kingsley, as they continue their relationship after Kingsley have promise not to cheat on her, which were just mere words.

Finally, it was the SS 3 students Graduation ceremony, different types of cars and people were seen in the school, with security operatives to safe guard the events, students were seen with their different clothes and hair styles, it was a beautiful day that all student have been waiting for.

The Black scorpion girls were not left behind they were also part of the ceremony, but they had to behave themselves until they have successfully collect their testimonial from the School proprietor before they can launch an attack on Angela.

After an hour and 30 minutes long speech for the Proprietor, he finally handed their testimonials to the graduating students as they all snap pictures together.

After Mama G and her friends have collected their testimonials, she signaled all the members of the Black Scorpion Cult and they began to search for Angela, Ashley who was busy observing them noticed that they were looking for Angela, she quickly ran to where Angela was sitting down and held her hands as she took her out of the ceremony ground, Angela was sacred but she had no option than to follow senior Ashley. Endurance and Gloria quickly sneaked and follow Angela to know what Senior Ashley is up to.

ASHLEY: Angel, you look astonishing today but that does not matter, do you come alone, because I did not see your parents at the ceremony ground

ANGELA: Yes, ma, please don’t hurt me

ASHLEY: Dear I promise not to hurt you, but I hope you recall that there is an unfinished business you have with the Slay Mamas Hostel Girls

Angela heart skipped when she heard this

ANGELA: What’s That

ASHLEY: There is no time for explanation

She quickly stops a taxi and instructed Angela to go home, she gave Angela her number and instructed her to call her immediately she reached home and the taxi zoomed off, Endurance and Gloria quickly boarded a taxi to follow Angela, they asked Cecilia to follow them so that she can show them Angela house, in case of needs arises but she bluntly refused as she walked back to the ceremony.

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