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ASHLEY: Angel, you look astonishing today but that does not matter, do you come alone, because I did not see your parents at the ceremony ground

ANGELA: Yes, ma, please don’t hurt me

ASHLEY: Dear I promise not to hurt you, but I hope you recall that there is an unfinished business you have with the Slay Mamas Hostel Girls

Angela heart skipped when she heard this

ANGELA: What’s That

ASHLEY: There is no time for explanation

She quickly stops a taxi and instructed Angela to go home, she gave Angela her number and instructed her to call her immediately she reached home and the taxi zoomed off, Endurance and Gloria quickly boarded a taxi to follow Angela, they asked Cecilia to follow them so that she can show them Angela house, in case of needs arises but she bluntly refused as she walked back to the ceremony.

When Angela arrived Home she quickly ran into her compound and was about to lock her gate when she saw her friends coming towards her, she was surprised to see them, they quickly get into the compound as she instructed the gateman to deny anyone entrance that request for her as she walked to her room with her friends, luckily for them, her parents were at home, her friends beckoned on her to tell them what senior Ashley told her, she narrated everything to them as she picked up her phone and dialed senior Ashley that she have arrived home safely, Senior Ashley was happy as she returned back to the Ceremony ground.

Meanwhile The slay Mamas girls were still searching for Angela, their search seems to be fugitive as they were about to abort their mission when they spotted Cecilia taking pictures with Kingsley, they wanted to approach them to ask them about the whereabouts of Angela, but was stop by Mama G who suggested that they should follow them slowly so that they could know the location Angela was hiding.

KINGSLEY: My rare gem, do you by any means see that girl of a thing named Angela

CECILIA: Angela have gone to an unknown destination

KINGSLEY: What do you mean by unknown destination

CECILIA: Senior hijacked her from the event ground and threw her into a cab, that drove her away

KINGSLEY: Jesus!!, and you did not bother to inform the security personnel’s, what if she was been kidnapped, dear you are cruel

CECILIA: How is that supposed to concern me, don’t tell me that you love Angela more than me

KINGSLEY: That not what I meant, at least we can have fun without any monitoring spirit around us

He quickly took Cecilia to an empty class and started smooching her, unknown to them the Slay mamas crew were at the door post watching at them, while Praise was at the window filming the whole scenario

SCORPION BAE: Wow, wonders shall never end, can someone wake me from this illusion, so this have been happening behind Angel back.

Kingsley and Cecilia quickly separated themselves and turned towards the door, they were shocked to see the Slay mamas crew

MAMA G: Why are you this heartless, Angela that love you so much, you have to go to this extent to hurt her

ROSYBEAUTY: Boys are cruel, Cecilia you are a devil, I thought Angela is your best friend and I can recall the last time we almost killed her was because of you, that a fight broke out in the prep hall but I heard she still forgive you after all she have been through

Kingsley and Cecilia stood motionless and dumb folded

LADY P: I wonder why we did not burst your brain on that fateful night, you deserve to die, hmm…. Is Love a Crime anyway we are not here for you, where is that friend of your named Angela

CECILIA: Angela have been taken to an unknown location by Senior Ashley

MAMA G: What do you mean by that

Cecilia narrated all the ordeal to them, as they shook their head and planned to find Ashley to deal with her for snatching their culprit.

ROSY BEAUTY: Anyway thanks for the info you can continue having fun and don’t forget to tell your friend that we will find her and hunt her down. Praise quickly save the video and ran to the event hall as Kingsley and Cecilia stood there staring at themselves.

Meanwhile Angela was with her friends discussing the situation on ground when she saw a Dm on WhatsApp from an unknown number informing her that they need to talk, she informed her friends that about the message they beckoned on her to reply the sender, which she did, she later discovers that it was praise, she lost interest in the chat and wanted to block him when she saw a video tape forwarded to her from praise.

ANGELA: Look at this silly boy named praise, why will he send a video of over 156Mb to me, did he think I have that kind time to watch movie

ENDURNCE: (Sensing that the video might contain something vital) have you check the video

ANGELA: Who have that Megabytes to waste am I mad

GLORIA: No dear just open it first, there must be something in it

As she opened the video everything went blank in her eyes as she collapse to the floor

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