Is Love A Crime - S02 E21

3 months ago

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As they were about the burst in the entire bulb in the girls dormintory shone light, instantly all the girls took off for their heel, because they knew it was a bad omen for the school generator to be put on by that time of the light, that means securities are coming to do checkup.

When the Junior girls saw the light they were a bit relieved, Ashley quickly ran to door open it, and pick up Cecilia who was on the floor thinking of where to run to, and locked the door.

The next day, they all wait to hear about the news of the invasion at the girls dormintory, but to no avail, they later learnt that the school light has been repaird, so it was the PHCN that brought light at night. When Mama G heard this she felt like killing herself, as she walked to her exam hall to write her final papers.

During the exam they noticed the presence of some security patrol team, who were mounted at the exam, as they were instructed that after their paper, anyone that is going back home, to move gently to the dormintory and packed his or her belongings.

If anyone venture to tamper with the school properties they will be dealt with seriously, this was a big f--k for the Scorpion girls gang because they could no longer achieve the aim they have set for the day.

After their Exam, they quietly move back to the hostel and packed their luggages as they walked out of the dormintory, while they were all going out they saw Ashley who was about to enter her dad car, when she spotted them she ran and hug Mama G tightly as she whisper to her ear.

“I will be coming back for you b---h”

Mama G wanted to react but she could not do anything due to presence of some security operatives in the school premises, Rosy Beauty turned and look at Angela who was at the school field waving at them.

ROSY BEAUTY: Even Angela that little brat has the mind to wave at us

LADY P: Don’t worry it is not yet over until it is over

MAMA G: Ashley is the one behind this, I will see what I can do to that girl

LADY P: Forget about Ashley, everything that had happen in this school is now in the past

MAMA G: But she just told me she is coming back for me

ROSY BEAUTY: Let’s see how the long vacation goes

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