Always Ready - S01 E17

2 years ago

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‘Yh I know this girl is mine already’ I thought as we walked together to the field.

Bolanle: So you can even get angry like this, because of small joke.

Me: I don’t just like such jokes.

Bolanle: You don’t like it when I say that she’s your gf but anytime she sat on your lap, you like it.

On hearing this, I don’t know what to say again I just smiled.

Bolanle: I caught you now. you like her don’t you?

Me: Yes I like her just as normal friends and nothing more.

Bolanle: Friends indeed after you woo her or do you think I did not know how you wooed her.

Me:confused me!! when?

Bolanle: c’mon don’t pretend, she already told me everything including what you did to her when you went to her house the other time.

I could not defend myself on hearing this thou I didn’t woo her.

Bolanle: You see you cant talk.

Me:What did she tell you I did to her in her house,

Bolanle: You know and you are still asking me.

Soon break was over and we left for our various class. When I got to my class, I started reflecting on what Bolanle discussed earlier. I just kept asking myself rhetorical questions. Then I said to myself that I have to confront this Timileyin to stop broadcasting our escapade around the school because its obvious that she might have told other people apart from Bolanle. I was not disturbed as I thought I’ve found solution to my problem.

Now the school is over I’ve looked everywhere for Timi but I didn’t find her then I have no choice than to postpone my plan so I decided to leave for my house jeje. When I was about to leave the premises, I saw Timi coming out from the staff room. She called me. I was surprised that she called bcos she has been ignoring me throughout the day and why is she now the one calling me. By now, only few students ate left in the school premises. I waited for her as a gentle man that I am.

She came closer and tried to hug me but I refused.

Timi: What’s the matter with you, are you not happy that I even want to hug you.

Me: Why should I be happy? just give me two reasons for me to be happy,just let me be. I pave my path and was going when I remember that I had planned to tell her something. When I turned to see her and talk to her, I could see that she’s heading to the class so I asked what she was going to do there.

Timi: I want to get my school bag, will you follow me?.

Me: OK let’s go.

She was happy that I’m accompanying her to get her bag.

‘If not for what I want to tell you, do u think I’ll follow you!’ I said in my mind. Soon we are in the class and that just the perfect place for our discussion because nobody was there as at that time.

she carried her bag and was about to leave when I called her back.

Me: I want us to discuss something.

Timi: I know you wanted to say something that’s why you didn’t hesitate to follow me. but don’t worry I already know what you have to say. so don’t bother yourself telling me what o already know. Let’s go I don’t want to get home late.

On hearing this, with the kind of person I am, I just kept quiet as I don’t even know where to start from.

thereafter, she dragged my head closer and we kissed passionately for about 4mins, we were still kissing when a teacher walked into the class. it was the teacher’s yell that brought both of us back to our senses.

Teacher: What’s the meaning of this?…

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