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That day went on and Aunty Funke urged me to keep calm that She’ll help me finish the deal. That day went on like that till my parent were both back from work.

Now it’s Tuesday, I woke up early as usual and had my usual morning routine. So as I was about leaving the compound, I remembered that Aunty Funke had advises me earlier to make sure I call Agatha along if I’m about to leave so I made away for their gate, thou I was extremely afraid that she might want to take her chance to revenge what I did to her yesterday so I changed my mind as I retreat and was about leaving, I thought of Aunty Funke again and what she will do to me if she finds out I didn’t call Agatha along with me.

so I decided to go back and knock on the gate. As I was about to knock, I heard the sound as if someone was opening the gate from inside. so I waited until the gate was opened and it was Agatha. I greeted her but she was not replying to any of the greetings so I held her hand to get her attention but instead she just stood and stare into my eyes without uttering any word but with a look that I can’t really interpret but with the situation at hand, I interpreted as HOW CAN I HELP YOU. I could not help my self but stare back in return as I was dumbfounded. I didn’t know how to express my self I didn’t even know what word to say all I could assist myself with was just to say ‘I’m sorry’ I was surprised when she laughed and also said ‘sorry for yourself’ for the second time, I was dumbfounded again so we continued our journey in silence until we got to a junction and she made to turn to the right an I held her back and told her

Me: don’t follow that side so that…..

Agatha: Who are you to control me.

she didn’t even let me finish my words.

Me:I’m not controlling you its just that…….

Agatha: just that what? ooh you want me to follow you so that you’ll go and rape me.

on hearing this, I couldn’t help myself but laugh out loud not minding where we were standing and I was like

Me: how did you know I want to rape you well I just wanted to tell you that if you follow this direction (pointing to the path she wanted to follow) you’ll get to school late.

Agatha: so how is my getting to school late your business.

Me: Is like the one they flogged you yesterday has gone. You’ll receive another one today. I laughed

Agatha: At least you are not the one they are flogging, so let me be.

Me:Okay no problem. Bye. I waved her and I left.

As I was going on my path, i just felt the urge to look back and to my utmost surprise, I saw Agatha coming and when she noticed that I looked she waved? signifying that I should wait for her and I got myself thinking again.

‘So girls can form like this’

‘is this not the same girl that said I should leave her alone’

I just laughed and now she’s here standing by my side breathing heavily because she was running and I guess it had been long she ran cos its a short distance and she’s breathing like someone who just ran a marathon.

Me: why are you following me? you want me to rape you.

Agatha: can you try it?

Me: of course I can rape anything rapeable including you.

Agatha:laughedtry it lemme see you.

Me: So why did you change your mind?

Agatha: you did not even like me. You want them to punish me today again.

Me: I like you now but you dey bleep up.

Agatha: How? I don’t understand what you mean.

Me: Never mind. I was not bold enough to express my feelings for her. we continued our journey in silence. We got to school early that day. And some people who were in school when we arrived started hailing me again saying things like

‘Guy you bad ooo’

‘you just dey change them like cloth’

‘Today na Agatha tomorrow go be Timileyin next tomorrow go be who?’ Others just supported by saying

‘another babe na for sure’

Now I’m feeling like a champion because of the way these students sees me but I’m nothing but a f**k up since everyone believed that I’ve hooked up with this girl(Agatha) but I’ve not even revealed my feelings to her but I hope to do that some time soon.

The day went on. During break, I tries talking to Timi but she won’t reply and thank God Bolanle was in school that faithful day. Agatha did not talk to me also so I think she planned it with Timi not to interact with me but she could not help herself.

So Bolanle and I were the closest that day we chat and I expect her to even ask me why in not talking to Timi. but it seems she’s happy that I’m not in good terms with Timi. We chat and o ceased that opportunity to ask her where she got my number from.

Me: I want to ask you something

Bolanle: go on what’s the matter with you.

Me: where did you get my number the other day you called.

Bolanle: it was from Timi.

Me:surprised are you kidding, I can’t remember giving Timi my number either.

Bolanle: Enny Enny stop pretending. just say you don’t want anyone to know that you gave your girlfriend your number.

Me:Stop I don’t like it. who told you she’s my girlfriend. I stood up and left angrily. just to test her if she will just stay back but to my surprise, she stood up and ran after me and thereafter she said

Bolanle: I’m sorry joor. I’m just joking.

On hearing this, I knew that this girl is mine already or so I think.

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