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Immediately the teacher yelled at us 8 quickly broke the chain between the both of us and immediately I went on my knee and started begging. The teacher was the VP academics.

After begging and pleading which Timi later joined, the VP told us to meet him in his office right away and he left. it took me almost a minute to resurrect from the shock and then we made our way to the VP’s office. By this time the school was almost empty as we can see only few primary students playing with the swing probably waiting for their parents anyways that’s not my biz as I look forward to how I will be dealt with in the VP’s office. By this time I was not thinking of my accomplice(Timi) anymore as I focused on myself. soon we got to the VP’s office and I was surprised when he told us to seat pointing to the two chairs opposite his table.

I was very much afraid that immediately I sat, sweat covered my body (in an A.C filled room).

VP: What was that I saw you guys doing on the class.

I didn’t answer cos I regard that as a rhetorical question and he should not even expect us to answer such questions, so we just stared at the table because you will not even dare to look at him in the eyes.

VP: am I not talking to humans. I said what was that I saw you guys doing?

We were still mute and I was contemplating if to answer the question or not when he Barnes out.’Will you answer my question’

Me: We were… we were… we. .we.. I stammered

VP: yes, you were what, answer me and don’t waste my time. I was as dumb as ever when I heard Timi said ‘We were kissing sir’…. I didn’t know where she got such courage from bcos before then, it seems I was the one the man is referring to.

VP:Good. So can you give one possible reason that was going on in the school premises in the class for that matter.

Timi: sir! its just that…..

VP: Just that what?

Timi: just that we love each other. On hearing this I just looked up immediately to confirm if I was not dreaming, but it was reality when the VP asked me ‘Enny is that true?’

Me: Yes sir that’s very true.

‘what’s this man up to with these questions’ I asked him in my mind ooo.

VP: Well I don’t have enough time to waste now so I want you guys to go now and we shall continue from where we stop.

Timi and I: Thank you Sir. as we made our way to the door, he asked us to wait.

VP: make sure both of you report here first thing tomorrow morning to avoid my wrath. We replied ‘Yes sir’ as we both left the office. Now we are already out if the school premises and I was surprised when I saw Agatha sitting near the school Gate probably waiting for me to come out. So as I came out, I pretended as if I didn’t see her so she just called my name ‘Enny!!’

Me: You are not gone yet?

Agatha: I was waiting for you to come out.

Me: What if I had gone home is this how you’ll have been waiting..

Agatha: I know you have not gone home because I saw you when you were going upstairs.

As we were still discussing, Timi came out. thou I did not know cos I was backing the school gate. It was the curious look on Agatha’s face that made me look back to see who she was staring at.

Agatha:Timileyin so you have not gone yet

Timi:of course I was having a nice time with my lovely Enny.

Agatha: I go love ooo. well I will be going now.. Bye.

Timi: Wait now or are you jealous?

Agatha: Why? I’m not jealous oo or you don’t want me to go to my house again.

Timi: wait now let’s go together.

Agatha: OK.

All this while I was just staring at them cos I don’t know how to interfere. Soon we left together and we started going so it got to a point where Agatha said that she wants to get cab because her leg is already aching her so she asked if I’m ready but I declined that I want to trek a little. Then she flagged down a cab and left leaving Timi and I behind. Our journey went on silent until Timi broke the silence when she said what I’ve been expecting her to say since we left school.

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