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Now it’s Sunday. Everyone were getting set for church but immediately I took my bath and I started preparing for church I started shivering that I couldn’t even move an inch from where I stood so all I could help myself to do is to fall on the bed and cover myself with the bedsheets immediately, my temperature was rising unconditionally. so when everyone was set, Aunty Funke came to call me as ordered by my mum. When she came into my room and saw me lying on the bed.

Aunty Funke: Come on stand up and let’s go to church and stop pretending.

She came closer and removed the blanket angrily. when she saw the way I was shivering and sweating she quickly call on my Mum to come and see me ooo. My mum rushed down to the room to see me.

Mum:What happened to you.

I could not even say a word. it was as if I’ll die if I say anything. My mum was worried that she did not know what to do again.

As they were still contemplating on what to do, Aunty Funke opted to stay behind and look after me. she persuaded my mum telling her to go to church so that she can organize prayer on my behalf while she(aunty Funke) stay at home to look after me. I can’t say nothing all I could do was to think in my mind. I started thinking again that.

‘Is this not the same Aunty Funke I seriously offended yesterday’

‘This aunty Funke is more than a house help to me’

‘May God bless her for me’

as I was still thinking, tears dropped out of my eyes and immediately Aunty Funke saw this she just use idea to clean my tears and told me not to worry that I’ll be fine. Soon my mum and my siblings left for church leaving aunty Funke and I at home. and as soon as they left the gate, immediately my shivering stopped and my temperature came back to normal. I was fully relieved but I was still sweating profusely. When aunty Funke came in with cold water to press my body, she also discovered the sudden change and was surprised.

Aunty Funke: Enny how u take do this stunt so you too don dey carry your pretence go next level by using jazz.

Me: I no use jazz ooo me self no understand ooo, maybe na so God want am.

Aunty Funke: Then no problem lemme start going to the church..

Me: Wait! I came down from the bed and held Aunty Funke’s hand and started begging her about what happened on Saturday

Aunty Funke: its okay just make sure you don’t step into my room otherwise, I’ll tell your mum and even dad. I concurred with her decision. when she was leaving my room, I followed her and when she almost got to the door, I held her hand and stare directly into her eyes. she could not do anything about it but wanted to force out a word but it won’t come out. After about 10secs of silence, our head start moving closer and soon we started kissing, twisting each other’s tongue during this session, we were moving slowly towards the bed and soon we fell on the bed, then I started smooching her b–bs with my . We graduated from kissing and I was engaged in s—–g her b–bs. She was putting on a mini gown which made the job easier as I slowly roll up the gown, I noticed that she was not wearing any pant I’m not shocked cos I don’t even care if she wears or not. so I started finger bleeping her while she let out soft moans. Soon her kittycat juice was flowing out then I know that she’s d--n ready for the action. So as I was about to insert my 8 inch, I was resisted. I tried again, I was still resisted. so I started finger bleeping her again then her moan increased suddenly I inserted my d–k and started thrusting in and out as she let out soft moans, soon the moans became loud though I was enjoying it. She had c-m about twice before I reach c----x so I pulled out of the hole and c-m on her belly and I fell on the bed beside her and started fondling with her b–bs again she’s not making any sound the only sound I could hear from her is her breath.

Aunty Funke: you finally had your way. but don’t ever let anything of such repeat it self.

Me: I don’t understand what you mean by that.

Aunty Funke: what happened BTW you and I is a mistake so don’t let it repeat itself again. And anytime you want to bleep your girlfriend in this house, make sure you lock your door so that you will not implicate me, you understand.

Me: Yes baby I do

Aunty Funke: Who is your baby,if I hear you call me your baby again, I’ll slap you.

Me: OK ma. She stood up and left still naked as it was the both of us left at home.

I was looking at her nicely shaped bums and I started wondering again That I won’t taste it again. Well let’s see how it goes.

Now its Monday I was feeling strong enough to go to school. As I was preparing for school the thought of Timi rang a bell in my head.

‘How am I going to face the crowd’

‘She must have told everybody that she came to my house’

‘and probably told them that aunty Funke sent her out’

‘The same aunty Funke that invited her’… Suddenly I became weak again. I don’t feel like going to school anymore. As I was still thinking, door opened…..

Who opened the door

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