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During this pleasure, the next thing I saw, the door opened and the person at the door shouted WHAT!!!.

That brought me back to my senses as I pushed Timi away. It was Aunty Funke who came in.

Aunty Funke: What is the meaning of this. Mummy and Daddy must hear this.

Me&Timi: Aunty pls for God’s sake.

Aunty Funke: Don’t please me and you what are you still doing here gerrout (referring to Timi).

She stood up and wear her cloth as fast as Mario and she left.

Me:after Timi had gone Aunty Funke why did you so that now.

She just hissed and went out.

Then I started wondering

‘is this not the same aunty Funke that gave me the idea’

‘why did she change her mind’

‘Is she jealous’

‘What could have triggered her action’. I thought about a lot of things before i went to meet her at her room because I’ve searched everywhere, she’s not there so I went to her room. When I got to her room, she ordered me out.

Me: Aunty Funke…..

Aunty Funke: Get out of my room now. if I see your foot in this room any day I’ll report to your mum. now get out.

Me: Please don’t tel mummy she’ll kill me aunty Please.

Aunty Funke: if you don’t want me to tell better leave now before I open my eyes.

I was afraid so I left immediately so as to avoid her wrath. as I was going I overheard her saying something like ‘alakoba o fe kobami’ (i.e he wants to put me in trouble).

I went to my room and started crying in advance if mummy or daddy ever hear about this incident.

After the crying session I started wondering again

‘what could make aunty Funke act like that’

‘as if she was not the one who told me not to dull myself if she(Timi) comes’

‘it seems I did something wrong’

‘but she supposed to tell me what I have done wrong so that I’ll beg her not to be angry’

‘it seems the fault was from my side because of what she said ‘Alakoba o fe kobami’ ‘

‘Or is she jealous’

‘no she can’t be,not the aunty Funke I know’.

I could not figure out how I have wronged my dearest special adviser on women affairs. Just then Timi’s call came in.

Me:Why is this one calling me now. I just cut the call and switched off the phone. Bcos I don’t need any negative idea now.

I kept thinking till I slept off.

When I woke up,it was around past 11 and my parents were back I wonder why they did not send for me.So I left for the door and I found out that I had locked it earlier then I realized that maybe they would have come to check and found out the door is locked.I opened the door ans went to the parlor and I met no one there. This was unusual at this time during weekend especially Saturday and Sunday I start having the feelings that Aunty Funke had told them what happened in their absence. So I left for aunty Funke’s room and on getting their,the door was opened so I went inside without knocking.

As she saw that I was the one, she just hissed and face the other side backing me. (she was lying down on her bed).

So I moved closer and knelt down by her leg and started playing with her feet and was begging her.

Me: Aunty Funke please forgive me. I know what I did was not good but….

Aunty Funke: cuts in but what, I was the one who told you to bleep her without locking the door.

Me: I’m sorry. I forgot to lock the door,I was carried away.

Aunty Funke: You were carried away?

Me: yes, pls pardon me.

Aunty Funke: So if it was your mum that came in then, what do you want me to do? to loose my job..

Me: no

Aunty: How do you want me to explain that you brought a girl home and you were even bleeping her.

Me: I’m sorry please now.

I started crying holding her feet like they do in india.

Aunty Funke: I’ve heard you now you can go to your room.

Me: have you forgiven me?

Aunty Funke: yes I have forgiven you so leave my room

Me: you still sound vexed and you at not even smiling.

Aunty Funke: fake a smileare you happy now, so go to your room. I left her room for mine. I started reflecting on what she said that what if it was mummy that came in and saw me bleeping in the house, I know I’m doomed already. So I admitted that I was at fault and that was a very big mistake a costly one for that matter. I slept that day. I had a dream.

What is the dream all about?

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