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As the door opened I didn’t look up I just greet thinking it was Aunty Funke.

But hearing the voice I quickly raised my gaze and to my greatest surprise, it was Agatha.

I was more than shocked to see Agatha in my house my room to be precise,on a Monday morning and she was putting on her school uniform. I don’t even know what to say.

Me:Agatha!! what are you doing here, how did you know my house, who let you in,who led you to my room

Agatha: Pls don’t kill me with questions. One at a time.

Me: Answer my questions. What are you doing here

Agatha: We just relocated to this area.

Me: Ehen. How did you know I live here cos I can’t remember telling anyone of you that I reside here.

Agatha: Why will you tell us when you only invited your babe.

Me:Who is your babe

Agatha: are you denying your babe again. or you think I did not see her when she was leaving on Saturday.

Me: So. you have not answered my question, how did you know I live here.

Agatha: 4get abt the question and let’s get going before we are late for school.

Me:You can go I’m not coming with you so leave.

Agatha: you mean I should……..

Me: I said leave and don’t come here again pls.

She left and afterwards, I started regretting why I didn’t welcome her. but that didn’t bother me because I didn’t want to incur aunty Funke’s wrath. Immediately, i went out of my room, I met aunty Funke sitting in the parlor. I greeted her and she didn’t reply.

Me: aunty Funke, I’m greeting you.

Aunty Funke: what’s good about the morning. I’ve told you times without number that you should not dull yourself. But see that fine girl that came to look for you, you sent her away, what’s wrong with you?

Me: but…..

Aunty Funke: Don’t but anything. every time you’ll come and tell me you like Agatha. now the Agatha come, you send her away. you are too dull. pls just go. you are irritating me.

I left and started wondering which kind Aunty Funke b dis. Yesterday, she dey spark but today encouraging me. How am I going to face my problems in school. Well I can handle it myself.

I got to school that day early about 10mins b4 assembly. And I did not meet Agatha in school.

‘maybe she’s not used to the route yet’ I thought to myself. After Assembly, I hanged around the corridor just then I noticed that Agatha was just coming. I laughed at her. She came in she was punished because no teacher knew she had changed location. School activities had started and Agatha was also in the class behind me. I tried talking to her but she ignored me throughout the class. When it was break I decided to go and see Timi and she also ignored me.

Bolanle was not present in school I was told that she’s not feeling too well.

Throughout the day I didn’t get myself, I could hardly concentrate on the teachers explanation.

Now its closing. I was just all alone when Agatha and Timi passed me. I didn’t know there were the one. It was Agatha’s voice that made me realize that it was both of them.

So I made to join them.

Me: What’s up.

I got no reply from neither of them. so I held Timi’s hand.

Me:Wait now.

Agatha: slapped my hand off Timi’s handLeave us alone.

Me: I’ve begged you guys now I’m sorry or do you want me to prostrate as if I go fit do am sef

Timi: If you like roll inside s–t.

Me: So where are you guys going.

Agatha: Mr nice guy, how is that your concern. Pls leave us alone and go your way.

Me: Please now, I know you guys are angry with me. Actually I heard that Bolanle is not feeling fine so I’m thinking if you can take me to her house.

Timi: ooh na Bolanle dey on point now they laughed

Agatha: K no problem we’ll take you there.

Me: Thanks.

The journey continued in silence, tho they were both talking and laughing which I couldn’t figure out what they were laughing at.

Soon we reached Bolanle’s house we greeted her and she appreciated our visit and she also said she’ll be resuming on Wednesday. I was happy that at least I’ll have someone to talk to, because the three of them have practically become my best female friends.

Soon we left Bolanle’s house and as we got to the main road, Timi headed to the road leading to her house and I was left with Agatha, so I decided to take my chance.

I just went close to her(Agatha) and held her hand. I was surprised that she didn’t resist then I decided to take it to the next level.

Me:Agatha I’m sorry, I was not in a good mood this morning that’s why I acted that way.

Agatha: OK I’ve heard you.

Me:is that all you’ll say?

Agatha: What did you expect me to say?

Me: its obvious that you are still angry with me.

Agatha: Yes I am. and I won’t even come to your house again. I was disappointed and you even made me come late to school and I was punished.

Me: I’m sorry. it won’t repeat itself.

Agatha: bursted to laughter see you, who will even giv it chance to happen again. see just leave me alone ooo.

We conversed more for about 2mins before I dropped my hand to stop a cab. And I called the name of the place. So I called Agatha of she would like to join me and she accepted. The journey went on in silence BTW Agatha and I. other passengers were conversing with each other.

We got home that Day and Agatha’s house was the seventh house from the entrance of the street while mine was just ninth its very close as they share a fence (if you come out from Agatha’s house the next gate is mine) I was partly happy and thinking of how Aunty Funke was going to spank me.

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