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Its a new weekend and almost three months since I started this my new school. But something unusual happened this week end.

Mum and dad were already gone as usual.

We had breakfast before they went. Now it was time for lunch but I forgot because I was chatting on Facebook with some of my old classmates who are now in the university now until Timi sent a naughty SMS.

Content of the SMS

* Sup my love, hope you are ready for me today cos I’m coming to your house to continue what you started.. I hope you understand and if you don’t,just sit back and wait for my arrival*..


‘what is this girl up to’ ‘and did she know my house’

‘how comes?’

‘Aunty Funke have to see this’

So I went out and met Aunty Funke and my siblings eating. and aunty Funke asked if I will eat but o declined telling her that she should come and see something.

Me: Aunty Funke pls come and see something

Aunty Funke: come and show me here you can see I’m eating.

Me:Pls now. I pleaded and she followed me to my room.

I showed her the message and all she could say was that.

Aunty Funke: No dull yourself ooo you have to nak her seriously. since na she dey carry herself come.

I was surprised that is this aunty Funke a girl at all.

So she went out as I was still arranging my bed aunty Funke came inside and handed a pack of condom to me.

Me: What should I use this for?

Aunty Funke: don’t you recognize condom or you don’t know how to use it.

Me: of course I recognize it but I don’t know how to use it.

Aunty Funke: Okay lemme teach you.

Then she came closer and collected the pack back from me then she told me to lie down on my back I did as I don’t how to use it. I did as I was commanded and the next thing I saw was that she started removing my knicker and I held her hand that.

Me: what are you doing

Aunty Funke: I want to teach my baby how to use a condom.

Me: Kk be fast ooo bcos she might be here any moment from now.

Aunty Funke: yes baby.

Then she removed the knicker and my boxers also then revealing my fully erected d–k. before I could resist her, she layed her mouth on my d–k and started thrusting up and down, i could not resist her any more as the urge to bleep increased in me and after about 4mins of s—–g, she stopped and asked if i enjoyed it.

Me: of course I do the she tore the pack of condom and roll it down my d–k and after that before I could say Jack Robinson, she sat on it.

Me: Aunty Funke what are you doing. I pushed her off me.

Aunty Funke: pls Enny why are you torturing me pls I want you to Bleep me pls. She was coming closer and removing her dress as she was coming, this time,I could not resist her as my third leg was fully erected. she came closer and then placed her b—-t on my mouth and I s----d it while I fondle the other with my . Soon we left for the bed and I bleeped her hard for about 8mins b4 I c-m I tot I c-m inside her but when I pulled out my d–k I saw the c-m filled in the condom then I was relieved that I’m not in trouble. Soon we were still cleaning up when we heard knock from outside the gate.

Me: That will be Timi. how do I get anoda condon now?

Aunty Funke: don’t worry baby I’ll get anoda 1 for you she kissed me and left. but the smile on her face left a message which I can’t interpret my self, but it seems I’m in trouble though I’m not sure.

Soon u clean up and went to open the gat and it was Timi.

Me: shocked What are you doing here?

Timi: Won’t you allow me come in before you start asking questions.

Me: ooh in sorry come in!

As we were going I remembered that my siblings were in the parlor. And they can never see something without telling my parents.

So I called aunty Funke and told her silently so that Timi won’t hear and she told me that she had already done that. Then I was relieved. So we continued our journey, soon we are inside the house and Aunty Funke came out. And I was marveled at what I saw.

Timi: Aunty Funke I guess

Aunty Funke: Yes and you are Timileyin?

Timi: Yes. Nice meeting you.

Me:do you know each other?

Aunty Funke: Yes of course. For your information,I invited her.

Me: surprised you did what?

Timi: Ain’t you happy seeing me. (came closer and rub my chest)

Me:Yyy… of course I’m happy.

Aunty Funke: I go love ooo. go to your room and entertain your guest.

Me: girls no dey shame okay sure.

I took Timi to my room and she sat on my bed. Then I asked.

Me: What should I offer you?

Timi: You know what I’m here for, don’t you?

Me: I didn’t get your message so can u explain to me. But before then lemme get you something to drink.

I opted to go out cos I’ve not collected the condom from Aunty Funke. so I went out to get the condom and on my way back to my room i branched the fridge to get a can juice for Timi. On getting to the room, Timi was still sitting at the same position I left her so I handed her the juice i brought for her and then we continued our discussion.

so I asked her to explain the message for me so that I will understand. the next thing I saw was that she stood up from where she sat and came closer to me and before o knew what was happening, we started kissing and I was seriously smooching her b–bs. and soon I started fingering her kittycat and I could notice that she’s wet. soon we fell on the bed and when I was about to insert my d–k into her kittycat,she resisted me and whispered to my ear.

Timi: where’s your Condom?

I just dipped my hand into my pocket and brought the condom out and she collected it from me and laid my back down and she tore the condom and gently roll it down my d–k and soon she sat on it.

During this our pleasure, something happened.

What happened?

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