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Its Monday, I got to school late because I was not interested in the embarrassment I’ll face today in school.

When I got to school, I saw that they are punishing late comers so the teacher on duty called me to join those who were kneeling down

I felt relieved that at least if the teacher beat me my mind will be half relieved of what I’ll face when I get to class and while kneeling down,I’ll plan on how to deny every allegation leveled against me, but unfortunately, the Principal was passing at that time and saw me kneeling down, then he told me to stand up while he explained to the teacher, and i also overheard him telling the teacher that he should not punish me again because my house is far and this will even be my first time of coming late to school since resuming to school about two months ago. That’s not my concern anyways my concern is the calamity I’m abt to face when I get to the class.

I spent up to 6mins on the stairs due to fear and immediately I started feeling unusual cold. Thought of going back home. but its too late cos once you enter the school, you are not allowed to go out until closing. So I summoned courage and went to the class. When I got to the class I received my usual praises from my class mates and this time, it sounds as if something was attached to it. I received praises like

‘Bad mathematician’

‘oko every girls’

‘sharp guy’

I was not responding as I used to but I pretended that everything is alright. On getting to my sit, Agatha whispered in my ear.

Agatha: What’s wrong with you?

Me:Nothing I’m not just feeling too well.

as Agatha’s sit mate heard this, the next thing she said was How will you feel fine when your babe don deal with you, on hearing this I was shocked i couldn’t help my self but ask questions

Me:What do you mean byvtgat and who is your babe. You better stop it cos I don’t like it.

Agatha: why won’t you like it. So how did you get home yday.

Me: I took a cab now.

Agatha: Stop lying, we already know what went down yday when you visited her house.

On hearing this I receive the shocker of life.

Me:Who told you I went to her house?

Agatha: don’t pretend,we know already, so tell me how did you get to your house yday.

Me: I won’t tell you how I got home if you don’t tel me who told you I went to her house.

Agatha: Timi told me with her mouth that you followed her to her house on Friday. And she also said she took your money from your pocket.

Me: is that all she told you?

Agatha: yes or did she do something else.

Me: something else as how?

Agatha: nothing ooo I just dey ask.

Me: Kk.

This one wey Agatha com dey care like this say she too wan collect ni I thought to myself. I was relieved with this my recent discovery that in safe for now. Class went on until break time when I decide to go and check on Bolanle. on my way as I was about to go out of the door, I bumped into Bolanle and as she saw it was me she turned back and was going angrily but I held her hand and begged her not to be annoyed with me because I was asleep when her call came in and I also persuaded her to tell me all she knew abt my visitation to Timi’s house when she narrated everything, it’d nothing similar to s-x just then I was fully relieved that I’m safe. Then I thought chai Aunty Funke is a genius. I went home that day happily happily that I’m safe. Aunty Funke noticed and she asked me how it went down in school and I narrated everything to her and I thanked her also for her assistance. Then she said

Aunty Funke: I’ll be always ready to help you dear.

Me: dear Kk thanks.

This is unusual of aunty Funke, she had never called me that name before well maybe she was excited.

Life went on I didn’t talk to Timi through out that week bcos I was still mad at her.

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